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  1. Sendspace doesn't work here, blocked by the Chinese gov't and have tried using a cloaking service to circumvent but it doesn't allow Java.
  2. I'm in China until July and then heading to Calgary to pack up my things and heading to Saint John for a while. So maybe late this year?
  3. Well I need some music and Stmusic doesn't seem to be working anymore. I neeeeeeed something.
  4. Just wondering if anyone out there might have a Waffles.fm invite for me.
  5. Woo! More excited for this lineup than Evolve. Such a great festival, everyone should go to this one.
  6. Hey guys and girls, if you didn't already know, STmusic is wide open for registration now.
  7. Anyone interested in an STMusic invite? First ten with a nude post win one.
  8. Why the heck is it called Westfest? West of where? Is there an Eastfest happening in Memramcook that no one is telling us about?
  9. There was a reference on Jam On (Sirius 17) to an "East Coast Festival" that the Brew would be playing at, but they couldn't at this time give the name. Any chance the festival would be Evolve? Cause that would be pretty sweet, these guys are awesome.
  10. Wasn't it word of mouth and show hyping that got this scene rolling in the first place? Jamhub will be missed by this guy for sure. Always my one stop shop for shows coast to coast.
  11. Can anyone tell me why Jamhub.ca gets forwarded here? Is it done? I know they have been having serious virus and/or worm issues.
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