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  1. Hey all, anyone want my collecting of Phish DAT's. I have most of 98 & 99 through the PLM tree (people for a louder mike). We're moving and I no longer feel compeled to cart them around. Free to a good home. PM me if interested. About 100 tapes.
  2. Speaking of Radiohead, I need one for Toronto, anyone have an extra?
  3. Couldn't let this pass - http://youtu.be/CdfCVKKoaqU'>Shit Festies Say<?A>
  4. Great show last night! Thanks for the good times! It's got a real Benevento/Russo vibe to it... (Heisholt/Maguire/Little). Hope to do it again next week
  5. Thanks, really enjoying this mix! I'm going to have to look up some more Ryan Adams.
  6. In the past, the Opera House has always had a coat check. You should be fine.
  7. I'm checking it out. The bass is way too loud, really distorted.
  8. We'll there a whole lot of folks on the planet and if they all make incremental change, the effect can be large. For example the EEEEE has calculated that "The potential energy savings 'of phasing out incandescent light bulbs' are 10 billion Euros per year in Europe alone, along with 25 million tonnes of CO2. Globally, these savings are roughly four to five times. " They go on to say "There is also a striking unbalance between the amount of electricity used by incandescent bulbs, their sales volumes and the work they actually perform: Incandescent bulbs consume 25 % of all electricity used for lighting in the world, but they only produce 4 % of all electric light. This is despite the fact that they represent 2/3 of all global lamp sales! Huge savings can thus be made in the way we are lighting our offices, roads, shops and factories. It would be a real shame, if we let our nostalgia for a century-old, inefficient bulb, obscure the need to switch to more energy efficient technologies." Now this article is four years out of date, but its points are still valid. For real research and development to occur, there needs to be a market. Thats what these regulations have done. They are creating demand wich will spur inovation. Supply & demand are what the market economy is all about. I'm all for leveraging the good parts of capitalism and consumerism to make some headway towards resolving our environmental issues.
  9. My understanding is that initially you'll see the availability of 100 watt incandescent bulbs drop. (early 2012) by the end of the year the 60 watt bulb will be hard to find. There are ome great LED alternatived being developed but the cost about 10 times as much to purchase. The upside is that they last for ten thousand hours and draw a quarter of the energy. Here's a neat article on the development of LED bulbs in Wired Magazine
  10. FYI, UM is running a remix contest using 4 tracks from Death by Stereo. Should be fun to see what comes of it. You can get the track broken down into 5 basic stems for free or ante up $7 to buy 20-30 stems and do your worst with their best...
  11. The Beatles Bruce Cockburn Phish Sufjan Stevens Paul Simon Death Cab for Cutie Radiohead The Black Crowes As far as storage and playback go, I use Vortexbox. It's a Linux distribution that rips, stores and manages backups. It will do scheduled, incremental backups to an external drive all by it's self, so your collection is always backed up. I've seen a lot of discussion about backup to the cloud, but FLAC files are so big that it's probably not cost effective or quick.
  12. I've enjoyed these two this summer: Rockbound by Frank Parker Day A great story of family feud and the struggle to survive set at the turn of the century on the north shore of Newfoundland. And I just finished 2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America by Albert Brooks A darkly humours dystopia novel about the near future, when we've cured cancer and the economy falls apart. Lots of good ideas on the list. Thx for the other suggestions.
  13. Stoked for Surprise Me Mr. Davis and Matt Costa! Thanks for bringing these great shows. And UM in November is just what the Dr. ordered...
  14. I was on site yesterday. Apparently you can swim off the island, but not from the main beach (which people were doing anyway). Have a great weekend. See ya'll there.
  15. I'm in with the family. I'm working on the main stage with the lighting crew, but that won't stop us from getting to many of the great side stage shows. I'm hoping to re-energize my vibes after missing Bluesfest this year.
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