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  1. Happy belated Mike. Hope you had a great day!
  2. Woooooot! Happy birthday Heather!
  3. Go back to London! =) I'm late posting and although I saw you to say it in person...Happy Birthday!
  4. In for T.O.! I think tickets are going to be on sale this weekend.
  5. Are you Mmmm-ing wine? cheese? the fact that you're supporting a great initiative? Either way, buy a ticket.
  6. Hey jambanders Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable is hosting a super fun event on World Fair Trade Day, May 12th! If you don't know about us, check out what we are doing here. . It's an evening of Fair Trade wine and chocolate and local cheese and beer. We will have music, a silent auction, vendors with lots of Fair Trade goodness on sale and two keynote speakers. George Roter, the CEO of Engineers without Borders, and Michael Zelmer from Fair Trade Canada, talking about a new campaign called "Take A Step". Tickets are only $25 right now which includes a signature Fair Trade drink that was created just for this event! You can buy them online here. So get them while they last and spread the word. This is a must not miss fundraiser! Why, what could be better than drinking some wine and learning? Nothing. That's what.
  7. This will be the first year in a long time that I don't buy a pass. Sooooooo sad.
  8. Hey Velvet, just offer Phorbsie a variety of shooters an hour before the event, that'll distract her! On second thought...she might win if she's hammered.....
  9. Happy Belated Brad!!!
  10. How about two Phish tickets inside a cheeseburger?!?!?!? That shit would get real.
  11. It's not easy being.......crazy.
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