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  1. KellyKat

    Breaking Bad

    When's seasong three out - by far one my fave HBO series of all time (up there with the Soprano's!)
  2. WHAT A SWEET LIL BAMBINO!!! You look like such a proud papa! Congrats and tonnes of love to you guys Kelly
  3. KellyKat


    Never mind. Tried again and it worked!
  4. KellyKat


    Wont let me sign in today ANyone else having that problem?
  5. So many things to vote for lately.......is this a daily voting thing lile Velvets and Voodoolady's?
  6. You can actually buy biodegradeable poop-scoop bags - they come in a roll of 100 and with a handy-dandy dispenser. Just a thought to further reduce wastes in landfills!
  7. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I see Sunshines lifesize Gordon Ramsey!
  8. Why cant they be from the same episode? Where is that rule?!?!
  9. I have a theory that the thing floating in the air next to Kramers head is the "magic loogey" from Keith Hernandez.
  10. 1. The Rye 2. The Bubble Boy 3. Crazy Joe Devola 4. Frogger 5. Goldfish (lost in the parking garage) 6. The puffy shirt 7. The doll that looks like George's Mom 8. You got a question, you ask the 8-Ball! 9. Nobody beats me, because I'm The Wiz! 10. Oranges for Japanese TV executives 11. Indian Giver 12. Pee Stain on the couch 13. The Elaine mannaquin 14. The fatal wedding invitations 15. Kramer's mistaken vanity plates ("ASSMAN") 16. The Butter Shave (motorized cart) 17. The Caddy (bra) 18. The Jimmy (sneakers) 19. Eggplant Calzone (George can't buy for himself because he got caught stealing from the tip jar.) 20. The Dinner Party ("look to the cookie") 21. The Red Dot (cashmere sweater) 22. Cock-fight rooster 23. Puddy's Jesus Fish 24. Georges scooter chase 25. Fusili Jerry! 26. Puddy's 8 ball jacket 27. George hits a squirrel with his car
  11. HAHAHAH Read the Maid service one - I LOL'ed!
  12. Just wondering if my bud that wanted to come will be able to get a ticket if she shows up there tonight........I guess I could always ask my boyfriend that works for Bluesfest
  13. Are the rumours true that tonight is sold out?
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