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    Booche reacted to Esau. in Mama said knock you out   
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    Booche got a reaction from Davey Boy 2.0 in CBC debate heats up today   
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    Booche got a reaction from bouche in Grateful Dead releasing 80-disc Box set of previously unreleased live shows   
    Right off the bat, I absolutely loved the sound of this 1978 show. Wonderful separation, clear instrumentation and a touch of the crowd showing their pre-first note appreciation. You are probably in for a good one if they are opening with Mississippi Half Step. Back when I was collecting tapes there was a common understanding that if the Dead opened with Jack Straw you were in for a great show but what my experience taught me, while that wasn’t an untrue statement, Half-Step was another one of those openers. Saddle up because here we go!
    Jerry and Bob traded fantastic first set choices. Cassidy was the second song, TLEO made a sneaky appearance. Looks Like Rain had the crowd offering some cheers back and It Must Have Been The Roses came out, I would have been losing at those back to back choices, before Bob delivered an always welcomed cowboy combo. For a guy who didn’t concentrate on country songs, Garcia should be considered up there with some of the best pickers out there like ………Brown Eyed Women was an unsurprising follow up and then a stunning version of Let It Grow that soared beyond my expectations. It just fucking smokes and seemingly never gives up. Garcia was fanning at points, offering some great chordal options, spotting perfect nots while Phil and the drummers plowed it home. Bob and Keith found wonderful spaces inside of them and no one wanted to be the first to give (although Bob was the first to try and luckily no one gave in). One of the best versions I have ever heard. By the time they get to the finish line they nail it and Jerry sets them all off. This is a cant miss version that all you Heads and Headettes are gonna want to have the sex to. One of the premier moments on the box set thus far.
    Another ripping Samson to open set 2 with that perfectly dirty/gritty tone we have all come to love from Jerry on this song while the drummers and Phil are slamming this one home. I’ve been listening to these shows on my pc speakers, which aren’t bad speakers whatsoever but once I get this stuff on my big ole home stereo I suspect songs like this will take on a new meaning. A gorgeous Ship Of Fools slowed everything down and allowed Garcia to growl some of his lines. He was clearly having a great time. This is the one I would play for Elvis Costello if he ever came over to hang out.
    And just like that we find ourselves within the perfect combination of Estimated > Eyes Of The World. By May of 1978 Estimated has a foothold and I have always giggled in my brain because there was probably a pile of entitled Deadheads complaining that they do it all the time but I gotta say, if you heard this version and walked out bitching then I have to wonder. Were you really there at all? Jerry’s lines sound like he is dancing on that stage and it all just somehow rolls into a fun paced Eyes Of The World with hardly stepping on anyone’s toes…..which……is all a must hear. There is some major traversing of mazes which will definitely put any Head’s face to a smile. To this point, this is my favourite show of the box set. Hey. Wait. Am I saying that every time I write? It’s been in my head each time I start typing but this is good. Real fucking good.
    The  Drumz after Eyes is rather engaging and tribally slithers into a long introduction to Not Fade Away. I could have listened to this for an entire set but once Bobby started learning how to play the slide onstage during it you knew things were drawing to a close which brought on GDTRFB. How different this combo had become since it was first introduced in 1970? They didn’t change the key but it sure didn’t sound nearly like it used to and I am sure some older Heads complained, naturally of course which I am also not going to begrudge an opinion such as that, but I am not one of them.
    Bob sounded like he was ready to finally put the slide away and our favourite freaks brought Around and Around down, which reminded me of Buffalo in 1990. One should never create expectations or ideas in your head because until you experience something you just don’t know and Around*2 was that song for me. I was absolutely flattened by how much I enjoyed it in concert when it used to feel like something I would lose interest in if I heard it on tape. Since then I always draw back to those emotions that fateful night, which I am so happy for because this is a great version.
    US Blues closed the show with some more growling Garcia which reminded me of another theory I developed back in my tape trading days. If the Dead played US Blues, or Johnny B Goode, to close a show it was their way of showing you they felt like they had a great night. Another one of those “Ask Phil” questions in my head but I know I won’t ever get an answer that suits my theory so I would probably let it slide aside from the inevitable “uuuugh, uuuuugh” I would experience if I had the chance to talk for a moment.
    At this point I figure if you are looking for one show to download this would be a great start but let’s remember that the 1979 show is up next. That was one of the shows/dates that completely jumped out at me when they announced the box set. I had the second set on Maxell XL II’s and they were in heavy rotation. Jesusfuck, the pre-Drumz…..just you wait………

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    Booche got a reaction from bouche in Grateful Dead releasing 80-disc Box set of previously unreleased live shows   
    And there you have it folks, a Jack Straw opener. Should be a hot show ;-)
    As I had stated earlier I had this wonderful second set which I can’t wait to hear in all this glory because of how incredible it is, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise the Straw started the night off. Brent is now in the band and clearly added a new dimension along with his inspiration. Over the years he became a focal point who could throw Garcia into wonderful moments of clarity, which also coincided with the sound Jerry would continue to seek. He was one who loved to turn the bass down and the treble up on his guitar, doing his best to make it as much as an acoustic instrument as possible. His love of that high lonesome sound never let up and with the years ahead we would hear more and more of that develop, especially during the mid-80’s. But man, what a departure already within this Jack Straw and we are getting some nice Phil bombs.
    Candyman was another hark back to the early days but this time Jerry is starting to sound like that grizzled old bear who would continue on. Brent was already providing the perfect accompaniment he so desperately needed on that side of the stage. I shudder at how much things may have drastically changed had the Dead made a different call on the keyboards.
    Cowboy combos reared their perfectly timed heads with Me And My Uncle segueing into Big River and we hear how Brent was going to help provide a new voice. If you listen closely you get a glimpse into the future. Things have seemingly slowed down just a touch, probably to help the new guy get assimilated and Uno but the band has already started to catch a smoove groove they are going to end up feeling comfortable with.
    Brown Eyed Women reared her ugly head in this set but this time I felt more of a connection to her than I normally do. It’s not a song I connect to but it’s versions like this that I get why people do. We also get to hear Brent providing the high harmonies he will become known for.
    And then there we go. We get a fucking Brent Mydland song and one of my favorites of the few he offered over the years. Easy To Love You, you’reg-damn right it is buddy. The band already sounded like they had been playing it for years. Jerry and Phil clearly loved Brent songs and it’s a shame there weren’t more of them offered and that he left us in 1990 shortly after following their summer tour. The band was on such a high at that time but we’ll get to that story another day. I’m almost in tears listening to this one.
    Luckily the tribal stomp of Minglewood Blues took away my Brent blues. I’m a big fan of this number and this is when the song started to take on a whole new meaning. Great solos in this one. The underrated and too rarely performed Stagger Lee followed. I am loving this first set. It’s beyond anything I expect from the Dead, let alone adding a new member once Keith and Donna have left. Brent immediately puts his stamp on ‘BAND MEMBER’
    I was absolutely blown away when Lost Sailor came out. This had to be an early one so I sat back and sure enough it perfectly walked into Saint Of Circumstance which ended up being the epic shit that combo is. Wow. Thank you Grateful Dead. The fluttering lines from Jerry during Deal afterwards almost felt like an afterthought even though it smoked but what is coming to start out the second set has made this set feel impatient (my problem, not yours) because I was dying to hear what was in such heavy rotation back on my tape deck in the 90’s…………………..
    This is prime Disco Dead with some exquisite sounds coming out from inside Brent and Jerry. One can almost immediately feel the strong connection these two were going to display in the coming decade plus and if you pay close enough attention you can notice an unmistakable odour that ownership has been trying to excavate since October 27th, 1979. I’m willing to bet that if you were to walk into the Cape Code Coliseum tomorrow it still smells like Bill Walton hadn’t showered during the entire post-season following his playoff MVP performance in 1977 because the segue into Franklin’s is that slinky. By the time it all wears down I have no idea who might be more tired, the band or the crowd. Jerry does add some light fanning at the end of this combo to help finally bring things to a close so that everyone can catch their breath. In order to track this stuff onto three cds they had top stop there which signals to me we are in for a nonstop finish until the encore. I don’t remember it being like that on tape but the 90’s were a long time ago.
    He’s Gone was an absolutely perfect call after that and the crowd voiced their approval. Brent’s vocals slipped in perfectly on the harmonies and that there should have been his selling point to everyone wondering back then if he was the right man for the job, especially following the 30 minutes of madness to start the set off. A great version that hints at a Caution Jam but eventually leads to Phil dropping a major bomb for The Other One. He is all over this and sending Jerry all over the place while Bobby is doing what Bobby does best, finding those spaces in between the two of them. Both drummers were working their collective bags off and if I had one complaint it’s that this was not a longer version. Things keep pointing their way to Drumz but Phil remained steadfast and dropped another massive run of clusters that explodes into an atom bomb. We eventually get treated to that second verse which felt like it might not get there, during which it sounds like they had to go to an audience reel because they must have not noticed the sbd tapes had stopped. Phil stuck with the drummers for a tiny bit while suggesting a couple of slap notes, his one major weak link, before he left them on their own. He was clearly feeling it for this show.
    Again, another engaging Drumz which I hope is going to remain a theme going forward because that segment on tape can lose the best of us. Not Fade Away comes out once Jerry, Phil, Bobby and Brent get back on the stage and I cant help but wonder why this didn’t happen way later into their career coming out of space, not that I am complaining. I positively love these groovy NFA’s but once they got locked into something they were comfortable with they stuck with it. I suppose Brent providing strong B3 chords changed that dynamic.
    The Jerry ballad slot was starting to take hold and Black Peter provided that nights entertainment. I really don’t think there is a ballad I didn’t care for but it’s almost impossible to rate my favourite because it always seemed to be that whatever he decided to throw at us was my favourite that night. I never felt like he was wrong in that slot and this version is further proof. Jerry’s voice was half kid, half grizzled. Really fantastically weird for that song for these ears since I was such a fan of the older and fatter version of that man telling us this story. It meant more to him as time went on but it obviously was already speaking heavily to him. It’s always been a spiritually philosophical song to me and further proves that everyone needs to continue to learn in order to grow. Every aspect of life lessons can teach us, including dying. It’s a fucking brilliant song and one of Robert Hunter's best piece of lyrics while also being heavily underated. Around Squared ended the set and they encored with One More Saturday Night which pretty much tells me they performed Samson & Delilah the following evening.  
    One final point, Jerry seemed to have a lot more sounds and command of said sounds during this show so I am guessing that Tiger has made her way into his hands for this show.


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    Booche got a reaction from Esau. in Grateful Dead releasing 80-disc Box set of previously unreleased live shows   
    Thanks for inspiring me to keep going Esau, Ctowns and Edgar. I really fucking appreciate it because I am having fun. I just kept delving deeper into my thoughts as I have been listening and then realized three other people have been interested in my opinions so I am going to keep going until things run their course. As a long time seeker of Grateful Dead music in all forms this box set is absolutely wonderful and I am really looking forward to what is coming up.
    I am just writing and not editting. What you are reading is me putting down thoughts as they hit me. I am sure there are some pretty horrific errors here and there but I am doing my best to not re-read anything until its all done. I now wish I did it as I started because this looks like something I will be able to go back over later if I want to make playlists or mix cds (for the old folks like me). I should also add that there has been only a couple of shows I have been able to listen to straight through. I usually just save a file where I stop the show so if some of the above opinions seem to dart about the reason is that there was an extended break between songs/listens as well as the possibility of an altered mindset. Plus, if you know me, I am fucking weird and my mind extensively wanders. Essays are not my forte.
    God bless and take care. I look forward to another long day and night in your company.
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    Booche reacted to Northern Wish in Grateful Dead releasing 80-disc Box set of previously unreleased live shows   
    I'm on a long road trip and have been exploring some of this set.
    The 1971 show is freaking amazing. I don't know what the source is or the bitrate of my recording blah blah blah but listening to it with the surround function on the car stereo is blowing my mind.
    Jerry forgets a bunch of lyrics in the first set. What kind of drugs were they doing that year?
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    Booche got a reaction from bradm in Grateful Dead releasing 80-disc Box set of previously unreleased live shows   
    The first set is a fun ride with the early highlight being a wonderful one-two punch of Looks Like Rain (honestly, I could hear that song in every first set on this box set…..such an underrated song amongst the Heads I know – I always loved how it evolved throughout their career from the first moments it was introduced with Jerry on a pedal steel) and Peggy-O.
    Lazy Lightning > Supplication follows which is something I have never cared for. I tried telling myself for years I loved these two numbers but in the end I just didn’t. Not bad, not great. Look no further at how rare they appeared in all the post-Dead bands who loved to bring back older material. I collected a number of tapes from 1977 – 1984, which was the last year anyone witnessed the Dead throw them out there, in which they appeared and particularly in the 80’s simply because they appear. “Maybe they will finally bust one out!”
    You know how some Phish fans chased all kinds of songs and how the band started tossing them out left and right during the early tours of 3.0? . It was one of those things when we started delving deep into the Dead tapes we wanted which turned into "Let's get to see this song that others dont" - how fucking weird is that? Why should that define a person? All it should be able to do is tell a story and if you arent going to be able to tell a story aside from "First one they played since......" then what is the point? Maybe I would have loved it had I saw it. At least there is something to look forward to.
    Ship Of Fools floated across a crystal ball and softened a future in how some ballads were going to be done thanks to having 2 drummers fully back in the mix. There are things I like about it but at the same time I missed the empty space that Ship Of Fools had contained being slowed down. And then Estimated, one of the first versions. I often wonder what fans thought back in those days being inundated with a song that was going to become a perfect staple in the years to come. At the very least Mutron Jerry must have seriously blown some fucking minds. I don’t even think this version was 10 songs old and it was already a monster. Just imagine. Terrapin Station (opened the show) and Estimated Prophet (4th song of the show) were introduced on February 26, 1977
     this one’s for BradM because its an audience capture mixed with a Betty Board
    It's now April 25, 1977 - early into a major tour after having done 5 shows on the West Coast to warm up. The set ends with another ‘somewhat’ new song that would eventually become a showstopper, The Music Never Stopped. If someone were to ask me to make them one cd in hopes of explaining the Grateful Dead, as seemingly impossible a task as that seems, I figure this song is on there 9 times out of 10. 
    They won me right off the bat at the start of set 2. Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain to open things off and I don’t know anyone who could possibly complain about 1977 versions. Jerry had developed such a wonderful solo upon the creation of this song that I often wonder if he wrote a better one for him to work around. Sure, he could fly off inside a Morning Dew or (name almost anything) but at the moment I can’t think of one that he nailed right off the bat more than this song. To me it represented him. This transition was another newly added cannon to the repertoire. In fact, it was so new that this was only the fourth time they had ever done it because this was the 4th Fire On The Mountain.
    They were made for one another.
    Following up with a smoking Samson, which was the same 3 song second set intro as my first show in Hamilton on 03-22-1990, the aforementioned Terrapin Station intro chords came fluttering down after the boys finally caught their breath. This song was so well perfected prior to being introduced to their sets but considering it was an epic I suppose it had to be. Playing In The Band followed and showed how different the Dead’s sound had become. This seems like one of those songs that was both benefitted and hurt by the readdition of the second drummer. The open-ended jam gets confused at times which might also explain why Dark Star was eventually dropped from regular rotation. It’s hard to say and something I would love to ask Phil Lesh about some day. Drumz came out from Playin’ and here we are witnessing the early foundations of a formula the Dead would stick with until the end. An always welcomed Wharf Rat, loved Donna's voice on this, came out of Drums and brought a sweet extended Playin’ Reprise intro along with hinting how strong it was going to become. A rocking US Blues closed out the show. Many ’77 shows had already been scavenged in previous releases, with more to come I am sure but this was a solid year
    If you still have a baseball mindset thanks to the Blue Jays runs then look at things this way. We are fully in the middle of the lineup of this box set. I am expecting big things to come with the 1978 show, a year that was highly overlooked............
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    Booche reacted to Hartamophone in CloudCity CD Release Nov 14 Mercury Lounge   
    What a killer show. Hard to believe that you rarely gig. Rectify that, please.
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    Booche reacted to c-towns in Epic Covers   
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    Booche reacted to Marcust99 in Deadbase 50 - Kindle Edition - $3.94 CAD!   
    Deadbase 50 - Kindle edition - $3.94

    Sweet deal. Looks great on my Ipad and Mac...


    Only at this price for 2 days... great deal instead of $100 for the book!!

    You can read it on any device with the Kindle App....
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    Booche got a reaction from edger in Grateful Dead releasing 80-disc Box set of previously unreleased live shows   
    Interstingly enough this version of The Eleven ended up segueing into a plowing version of Turn On Your Lovelight. Garcia quoted The Eleven a couple of times but all you have to do is listen to what Pigpen is saying/coercing during Lovelight to kinda understand how the Grateful Dead ended up being what they became. 
    That's what it is all about.
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    Booche got a reaction from hamilton in Grateful Dead releasing 80-disc Box set of previously unreleased live shows   
    I am deep into the 1969 show and holyfuckboyos, they are ontop of the insides of The Eleven during this show. It is right there where you want with more than you ever knew possible.
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    Booche got a reaction from hamilton in Grateful Dead releasing 80-disc Box set of previously unreleased live shows   
    So I am downloading the set and just listened to the first show from 1966 - the Pigpen led Midnight Hour is the best one I have ever heard the Dead or one of their offshoots do. Holyfuckballs.
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    Booche reacted to Esau. in Grateful Dead releasing 80-disc Box set of previously unreleased live shows   
    It's a kickass torrent link. The warnings appear to be the new standard from the typical stock browers, especially on portables but desktops as well for public trackers that reach high popularity status or are taken down and repopulated on new servers (ie: Tpb, kickass, rarbg etc). Even what.cd gave me warnings the first time I used it when I used chrome. I simply whitelisted it.

    I have malwarebytes premium with malicious website protection, as well malwarebytes anti-exploit premium along side Bit defender 2016 premium and nothing pops up, or is blocked (nor have I whitelisted anything for that site) from them when I click that url. It could also be simply flagged ads, as a lot of the crap now-a-days comes directly from them, but I have adb plus for those and never see them nor expiernce any issues.

    Obviously it's a personal choice and if your uncomfortable with the thought or distrusting of your protection, the best bet is to avoid it. I've never contracted anything malicious from that site, not that I use it much though. Ymmv.

    You can always check from sites like these for example:


    [edit to add]
    For what its worth, I disabled pop-up blocking on cyberfox, and disabled adb plus then clicked the link and was instantly assualted with pop ups, though nothing seemingly malicious, one ad I did have to close via task manager. Subsequential malware scans from mbam, glary pro and BD found nothing malicious, aside from a bunch of tracking cookies used for targeted ads.
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    Booche reacted to Northern Wish in Summer tour starts tonight for the Phish   
    I remember a very late night over at Booche's when we locked in to this bad boy. Needless to say there wasn't much talking for the next 45 minutes despite the beer and whiskey.
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    Booche got a reaction from Davey Boy 2.0 in FFQoTD: Top 3 fave chips/chip related snack   
    Never getting a bag of those again but I will be getting more of these #gamechanger

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    Booche reacted to Northern Wish in Phish: Riveria Maya   
    I really wish I could have gone.
    I wonder if they'll do a NYE run? All signs point to yes but then Trey made that speech the other night that only mentioned Mexico not MSG or NYE.
    I won't be seeing them again until next summer which is a shame because I really believe they are playing better now than in years. This has been a really exciting year to be a Phish fan and it's been a long time since I thought that. I've probably listened to more Phish since May than in the last 2 or 3 years combined.
    Cheers to all the Phish fans on this board. Patience is a virtue!
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    Booche reacted to c-towns in Summer tour starts tonight for the Phish   
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    Booche reacted to phorbesie in IFA Benefit featuring John Kadlecik and Lucas Haneman   
    What a fun night!  Lucas was great and John K played such a unique show for us.  Ripple en francais was so cool!
    Thanks to everyone who came out
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    Booche got a reaction from bradm in IFA Benefit featuring John Kadlecik and Lucas Haneman   
    Melanie and I cant stop talking about Lucas Haneman. I cant believe he is local to Ottawa. Bouche got a few shots of him. John K was wonderful as well but who in their right mind would ever want to follow Lucas?
    I guess this guy, who happened to perform Unbroken Chain and Box Of Rain after I got him to sign my 2013 Furthur Vegas poster with a "How about that Phil Lesh!"


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    Booche got a reaction from bouche in IFA Benefit featuring John Kadlecik and Lucas Haneman   
    Melanie and I cant stop talking about Lucas Haneman. I cant believe he is local to Ottawa. Bouche got a few shots of him. John K was wonderful as well but who in their right mind would ever want to follow Lucas?
    I guess this guy, who happened to perform Unbroken Chain and Box Of Rain after I got him to sign my 2013 Furthur Vegas poster with a "How about that Phil Lesh!"


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    Booche got a reaction from Davey Boy 2.0 in Problem pasting links?   
    Ironically, I bet you are having no issues getting pasted.

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