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    Booche got a reaction from Jaimoe in For the win!   
    HAL! Love that Miller one. I cant believe how much I once loved the NBA and how utterly unwatchable I find it nowadays. I am hoping a Raptors team can eventually bring me back but the self-aggrandizing nature of the professional level disgusts me. It went over the top with Tracey McGrady leaving Toronto and since then I have had a very difficult time being able to get back on board. 
    Anywho...........watch this you bunch of dicks. I had a VHS of this fight back in the old Apartment days when DB and I lived together and this was a drunken staple because its actually epic. Not one of these "epic" things that the kids throw around these days wishing it is/was epic. No. This is the real deal.

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    Booche got a reaction from Esau. in What are you listening to right now?   
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    Booche reacted to Esau. in What are you listening to right now?   
    Another Dylan/OCMS tune. Awesome.
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    Booche got a reaction from bradm in phish vegas   
    I dont care what you spent to go to Vegas. That 'costume' set was worth whatever it cost or however long your trip was short. I watched things as they were going down and couldnt make heads nor tails of anything aside from loving every moment. I cant even begin to imagine what it was like inside the MGM but I am extremely joyful for my friends who were watching that madness unfold.
    To answer your question Phish? Yes. That is precisely what we wanted.
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    Booche got a reaction from boiler rat in Caution Jam Boat Cruise video   
    This is wonderful.

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    Booche got a reaction from hamilton in Bill Frisell doing Dark Star > Comes A Time   
    Saddle up motherfuckers http://livemusicblog.com/2014/10/07/download-bill-frisell-james-mcnew-perform-dark-star-comes-a-time/
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    Booche got a reaction from bouche in Thom Yorke releases a new album   
    Video of Thom recording this album has surfaced
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    Booche got a reaction from Hal Johnson in U2 release a surprise new album for free   
    You know what really grinds my gears? The lot of you entitled cunts getting all persnickety about a free album by one of the greatest bands history has ever known. Don’t like it? Delete it and in Steve Kimock’s famous words “Shuuuuuuuuut the fuuuuuuuuuuck uuuuuuuuup”. But are you doing that? Nooooooooo. You are getting on your high horse because you now have a new soap box to say you don’t like or hate U2. Bitching about one of rock's greatest philanthropists? I bet those less fortunate around the world aren't and have said "yes" when offered assistance that came from Bono. People still have opinions in this world? Good for you pion. Oh but you say that’s not what you are complaining about? What you are really complaining about is Apple force feeding you an album on your device? Well, I got a couple of things to say about that. First of all, most things on those fuÇking closed devices are force fed down your too-stupid-to-realize-you-are-a-sheep’s throat. Secondly that’s not really your device. Sure, you paid the same price as you would have to get a used car to buy it but guess what. Apple owns your fuÇking ass. Do you really think by now they don’t know your habits? I am willing to bet they completely knew what backlash was to come but they wanted some free press in the form of 100 million dollars. No one is watching tv. No one is listening to the radio. People don’t have time for advertising but guess which bitch got got again at the perfume counter? Have fun standing in line to buy that non-revolutionary iPhone6 you stupid fuÇking cows. “Caaaaaa-stanza”. Moo motherfuckers. And that’s what really grinds my gears.
    Now download this and go fuÇk yourselves in the mind and maybe, just maybe, you will be able to see for the first time in your lives http://dropcanvas.com/39tae/1      
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    Booche got a reaction from bouche in Ryan Adams releases new album, announces tour dates   
    Letterman seems quite enthusiastic about the single.
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    Booche got a reaction from Esau. in Habs Fans Forum 2014   
    Given all you have said Esau (and I agree with it), a convenient story is all this is. Its highly doubtful (anything is possible) that there is any truth/possibility of this happening.
    1 - MTL already has 2 backups, so one would have to be moved (Budaj is the consensus).
    2 - The market is absolutely FLOODED with goalies, so much so Brodeur doesnt have a job on the eve of NHL training camps opening. We arent talking about any goalie here. We are talking about arguably the greatest goalie to ever play the game.
    So lets say Budaj is on the block. Is there a GM out there who is going to trade for him knowing they can sign Brodeur as a backup? You would be fucking crazy to do so and immediately fired if I were the owner. Budaj is terrible. I dont even need to make an argument here. Just look at what happened when Price went down in the playoffs.
    Here's how I saw things play out. As of last week, Brodeur was out of work and was asked "Would you sign in MTL if they came calling?" Of course he is going to say "Yes". He is looking for work and obviously running out of options quick. Now certain folk within the french media have something to run with. What do we here next? That Bergevin is looking to bring Brodeur in as a Hab?
    How convenient of you to get this story out there Mr Vincent Damphousse. I really dont know how Low Roller continually fawns over these types of stories. There's a hundred of them a season coming out of MTL. I figured he would have learned by now.
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    Booche got a reaction from bouche in TUTORIAL: Posting YouTube media   
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