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  1. Oh, whoops - I thought I had attached a photo to that last one ^^. SHH were awesome last Sept when Dog Gone Blog brought them to Lee's! I had an awesome time projecting during their set. This will be good! =)
  2. Awesome find, thanks! A favourite producer, and a genuinely nice guy, too!
  3. Terrible news... a favourite player.
  4. Another one - should be blast like last time! After Funk Diesel Dog DJ General Eclectic and I'll be doing old school visuals once again... FB Event The Great Hall 1087 Queen Street West Doors @ 11pm $12 / $10 w Phish stub
  5. Hey there - - Psyched to share the stage with these guys - they are doing Catskill Chill this year, sharing the stage with Lotus, got some nice Relix coverage yadda yadda - this will be a good one FB Event with band links. Aqueous Must Stash Hat Atom + The Volumes and we open Doors 8pm Cover $8 Cheers, js.
  6. There are actually several different spaces in there, but yes, the BNB show is downstairs, and the AfterFunk/SamKlass/Company, etc show is in the main hall space. Should be fun. Agreed 100% that the website isn't clear. No contact phone #, either....
  7. Psyched that the BNB event is in the Great Hall, also! I will definitely be popping down there from the main hall area when I can to check that one out. That's going to be one crazy building that night...
  8. Matt is correct. Psyched to be doing live projections for this one: Phish After Party
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