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  1. I am looking for 2 tickets to either show. Please hook me up!
  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend!!!
  3. Cully

    nero NYE

    Looks like I don't need extras anymore, a couple friends decided not to come. Getting excited, can't wait to see everyone!!!
  4. What an amazing show...so much fun to be right up front for the second set!! The band looked like they were having a blast playing such a small venue.
  5. Cully

    nero NYE

    I am also looking for two tickets
  6. Oh no...I missed the window!! It is my birthday show folks...I need a miracle!!!
  7. They are playing right now on the All Good stream - Link
  8. I had an amazing time at the show...and a better time in the campground!!! I think all the Jello shots went to my head! We had some punk kids camping beside us that decided to play some games..who throws water balloons at someone 'resting' in the sun?...lol. Fuckers.
  9. You can still get them at Live Nation Just searched!
  10. Hitting up Detroit and Blossom!! Anyone know of any close hotels to Pine Knob (or have any crash space?) Can't wait to see everyone!!!
  11. The 2001>Bowie is unreal....check it out!!!
  12. One of the weaker Phish shows I have ever seen...no flow at all. Trey seemed lost all night. Hoping we get a gem tonight!!!
  13. 10/20/10 Wilson-McGrupp Sick, Sick, Sick.... P.S. Listen to the Wolfman's, NOW!
  14. Yes Brad...that's the one!
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