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  1. Im there fersure good times (and zero was referring to me when he said hotties)
  2. kurly

    One OiNK invite...

    KevO, if no one has taken the invite, I would definitely appreciate it.
  3. New sidekick for Conan? Life would be good.
  4. outstanding Im amazed now that they write and animate shows so close to the air date...
  5. I fully agree Del... I've never thought the show sucked in any way but I am glad that I stuck through seasons 3-5... kinda sleepers until you get into Scott Tenorman or Towlie. Though i haven't had the Comedy Network for like 5 years now, I don't think I've gone 24 hours without seeing the latest episode after it airs. If anyone reads this and enjoys laughing, giver' a download Let's Fighting Love
  6. Absolutly awesome... The last two seasons have been for the most part dynamite. I probably could have missed the first episode of this season, though - very funny nevertheless. I encourage all those that thought it sucked after the first couple seasons to give it another try.
  7. Looks like Rotate This is sold out as well - probably should have signed in earlier today... ahhh well. Im working on the Soundscapes thing though, my Guelph location and lack of wheels is starting to put a damper on events.
  8. Hey peoples I haven't posted in a while, and haven't been out to many shows because of a lack of transportation and drout in entertainment in Guelph as of late. Does anyone have any extra Shins tickets for the Koolhouse Show? It appears as if tickets have sold out. I would be forever grateful
  9. Hey peoples I see there is an advertisement for the show, but i thought I'd post anyways. I hope lots of people come out, I'll be at my apartment before the show.
  10. hey scottie work has been busy but when im around my computer i have been listening to june 17 and june 18... The Jay-Z spot was funny, a must-listen to. IMO so far they sound tight. But I haven't listened to either show completly yet. it's certainly wetting my chops for Coventry.
  11. Soooo much fun as always, best hosts ever!!
  12. Come down to the Trasheteria tonight to see these guys, you won't be disappointed.
  13. If anyone is in town come and see this band. They are playing at Van Goghs (no cover) which is across the street from the Trasheteria.
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