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  1. i love that line, and dig the avett brothers. Who can stop what must arrive now? Something new is waiting to be born Dark as the night You're still by my side Shining side Gone are the days we stopped to decide Where we should go We just ride
  2. hey esau! been a long time...hope you are doing well brother! i offered to him, but s/he only wanted the 28. do not want ot split
  3. hey there, unfortunately will not be able to make it down this year. i did mail order and got four for the 28 in a row, and four for the 29 in a row. the 28 are great seats, the 29 are not great, but at least row A. it does however get you in the door, and from there....... sections are 101 on 28 409 on 29 i have a million offers on PT, but would like to hook up a canadian...kinda keep it in the community. I will NOT split the eight tix, so please do not ask. looking for face plus fees. if interested shoot me a pm. i want to unload asap, instead of checking email for the next two months, so would expect payment via paypal within 24 hours. i know a few people on this board who could vouch for me, as of course i could not sedn the tix till i get them from phish. peace, db
  4. got 28/29 but no nye...hopefully sat will go well or might not make trip from out west. ....behind the stage is amazing at msg!
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