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  1. Word I have is no opener, Avett Brothers on at 8:30.
  2. I'll be at the show tomorrow night. Who'll be there?
  3. Tried for Sanatana but don't see an option to enter a code for the reduced price?
  4. Looking forward to it. I'll be up on the balcony with a bunch of skanks.
  5. Didn't really know what to expect today. I am always thinking of Julia, I miss her so very much. I am really thankful for all the love being sent my way on Facebook, texts, calls, boards et al today, it is a nice reminder of how much love and support I have, and how much love is still heading Julia's way.
  6. I think I may be in for this one.
  7. From the promoter: Just to let all know the show is not sold out this evening. Tickets will be available at the door.
  8. FYI, the promoter now says that Umohrey's is coming on at 9:15, but don't blame me if they come on at 9 See y'all tonight. I will gladly accept hugs from everyone.
  9. I'm wondering the same thing edger. I haven't bought my ticket and was planning to grab one at the door. Hard to imagine this will sell out, but who knows?
  10. crappy rear stage tickets to the 28th, denied other 3 nights.
  11. Yes, there will be limited tickets available at the door tomorrow.
  12. The Music Hall is under new ownership, and will be undergoing renovations after the first two shows. There was a comedy show there last week. It will reopen in December once the renovations are complete. My brother is the GM of the venue now - I am checking with him to see if tickets will be available at the door.
  13. Wondering if anyone is headed to this show at The Music Hall tomorrow night. Hope to see some friendly faces there. https://www.tedeschitrucksband.com/event/2011/10/25/toronto-on
  14. Basher

    nero NYE

    Well, if Phish isn't in NYC looks like Basher will be in Ottawa.
  15. Happy Birthday Brian #2. You can be #1 today though.
  16. Going to the show tonight. Hope it is a smoker. It'll be my first time seeing PJ.
  17. Really enjoyed that show, but I am paying for the late night this morning at work. Great to see so many fine folks in attendance as well.
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