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  1. https://www.hyfi.com/greensky-bluegrass
  2. Wow! Check it out. https://www.jambase.com/article/jambase-launches-live-video-archive
  3. I have found a few new (to me) things that I like. Any other suggestions from the few folks still lurking around here? The Texas Gentlemen - Floor it!!! https://thetexasgentlemen.bandcamp.com/album/floor-it https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mTaJRcTglRzjoyo2O4Ro2MUUlY9ZdUQDA
  4. Cool! Glad to see you staying in shape. Keep fit and have fun!
  5. I saw that conductor at terrapin in a recent stream as well.
  6. Some artists you slip forum dweebs will surely enjoy. Unfortunately, it's only audio. https://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/2020/05/29/864470936/stream-over-100-shows-from-the-9-30-club
  7. Fun watch here... https://www.jambase.com/livestreams/alo-20200507
  8. The new album is fantastic, people! Straight up dance party in these times of isolation. Highly recommended.
  9. c-towns


    Since September? What does he do?
  10. c-towns


    Where is old man booche? Has he succumb to his curmudgeoness and quit the internet?
  11. Ya, the internet is quite a tool to use. I am asking here for specific jam/music fan related input or recommendations from local folks who's opinions mean a little more to me than "the internet's" Thanks for your recommendation.
  12. How about in the vicinity of Alta Vista?
  13. My buddy just moved into the Alta Vista hood. Any recommendations for restaurants or live music venues or other cool things in that area? Are there any weekly or monthly jams or open mics or bands you guys can recommend in the Ottawa area?
  14. Awesome show last night! Trucks is by far my favorite slide, maybe even guitar, player currently playing. Jaimoe looked like he was napping for a lot of the show but still great that he was up there. The setlist was phenomenal, could have replaced soulshine with a better song though. The Brothers: New York's Madison Square Garden: March 10, 2020 Set 1 Don't Want You No More It's Not My Cross to Bear Statesboro Blues Revival Trouble No More Don't Keep Me Wonderin' Black Hearted Woman Dreams Hot 'Lanta Come and Go Blues * Soulshine * Stand Back * Jessica * Set 2 Mountain Jam * Blue Sky * Desdemona * Ain't Wastin' Time No More * Every Hungry Woman Melissa In Memory of Elizabeth Reed No One to Run With One Way Out Encore Midnight Rider * Whipping Post * * = with Chuck Leavell
  15. Nugs youtube channel has so many good shows available to watch including last nights CATS show.
  16. They sure did! The new tunes they played sounded delightfully up tempo and danceable. I am excited to hear the new album.
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