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  1. Dynamic pricing at its finest. I would say the actual prices are reasonable.
  2. The duo (Rich and Chris) enlisted all-new members that include guitarist Isiah Mitchell of psych-rock band Earthless, veteran session bassist Tim LeFebvre who appeared on David Bowie’s Blackstar and keyboardist Joel Robinow and drummer Ojha of prog/psych-pop group Once and Future Band according to rolling stone. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/black-crowes-2020-reunion-tour-dates-910124/
  3. Tickets went on sale at 10am this morning, the tour appears to have been announced at 9am. Pretty wild. I would have been a bit miffed if I didnt find out ahead of time.
  4. Great show last night at the Horseshoe yet again. These guys do not disappoint. The new album is fantastic. It was a full house and yet I didnt mind the fullness as much as I usually do there.
  5. And realizing that, I see the Marlies are playing afternoon games on the 17th and 19th. Not enough time for a change over from hockey to concert. 1 show only!!!
  6. Ricoh Coliseum seems to have sold its arena name to coke. Leave it to coke to take over things.
  7. I bet he adds a second, if not third show in Toronto on the 17th and/or 19th
  8. Word on the street is that they are rehearsing in Nashville, looking for new players.
  9. I dont think the Trucks set would have been much less amazing if they covered the same album minus Trey. It wouldnt have gotten as much hype and people wouldnt be talking as much about it though. The TAB set would have just been another TAB set if Trucks didnt sit in.
  10. I had no idea this song was written by Neal until about a year ago when I was listening to his solo albums. Still hurt from this loss
  11. I can agree it was a great set and I loved it and love that album. I personally think Trucks sitting in with TAB was the better set as far as a guest guitarist sitting in goes. Trucks plays better with other guitarists than Trey does.
  12. I'll be the judge of all of your thoughts, hold on...
  13. c-towns


    New album out July 19th!!!!
  14. Sad news Track 2 on is a good listen. https://archive.org/details/ymsb00-05-28.shnf/ymsb00-05-28d1/ymsb00-05-28d1t02.shn
  15. Ohhhh yaaaaaaa.... Rollin' in on the limo bus
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