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  1. somanyroads@gmail.com These are tough to get since they pulled soundboards from archive net a few years ago. Thanks.
  2. Watch the applesauce: might be a little too acidic. But different things work for different people. Trust me on one thing, though: Millet. No matter how upset your system is, millet shouldn't bother you at all. Rice is fairly non-bothersome, rice cakes, but millet is even better. You can cook millet in water as a breakfast porridge. Or, cook it in vegetable broth with veggies and tofu for a dinner stew. The only downfall for millet is you need to cook it for at least an hour to get a nice tasty smooth texture.
  3. Eat lots of Millet. Cook it for a full hour. It's the one grain that doesn't produce gas: one of the easiest foods to digest, plus it's a superfood, full of every nutritional group. Bananas are great. Avoid anything acidic. Avoid caffeine. Avoid anything fried, deep fried, all oils that have been cooked at a high temperature. Avoid things like gravy, fatty meats. Avoid all nuts and seeds. Eat mainly fruits (be careful of too much bulk), vegetables, millet, some milk/cream/butter, tofu, lean fish (tuna, salmon, halibut): low-fat protein sources.
  4. I haven't been to Bonnaroo for about 5 years, and am going this year. It says at their website that unlicensed vendors or food vendors will be shut down immediately. The last time I went, it also said vendors will be shut down, but they stayed open (except for big beer vendors). I always enjoy checking this stuff out, so I'm wondering what it's like at Bonnaroo now, or the last couple of years ? Are there still people making food, crafts, selling beer, etc., or only licensed vendors in licensed areas ? Thanks.
  5. I think it was announced on ESPN because that is who he currently worked for. As his employer, they were probably the first media outlet notified.
  6. While I am all for free speech, I have to admit that over the last few years, some of the garbage on TV, both shows and commercials, has degraded to the level of disturbing. There is very little taste out there. So, I understand why there is a movement to clean up TV. However, this won't make much of a difference, as it's not so much the language that is disturbing, but the storylines.
  7. Wow, sad news indeed. I've also wondered how HST was still alive after all the drink, smoking, drugs, paranoia, bacon & eggs over the years. I think grapefruit was the key to his longevity. I've been reading "Songs of the Doomed: More Notes on the Death of the American Dream" the last couple of weeks. Good book... various short articles. Here's a quote from said book: "Cocaine is the closest thing to instant hubris on the market these days, and there is plenty of it around. Any fool with an extra hundred-dollar bill in his pocket can whip a gram of cocaine into his head and make sense of just about anything." My favourite books of his... Hells Angels Rum Diary... interesting in that it's a young HST in Puerto Rico. Lots of crazy stuff happens, but HST is merely a heavy drinker, not into the drugs yet. He also turns down a breakfast of bacon & eggs with grapefruit at one point which I found surprising. A short article / theory I liked: the High Water Mark. It was reassuring to find out that stories like "Fear and Loathing" were partially ficticious. Just too insane for people to do all that ! I'll miss his insane creativity, and craziness, for sure. He was definitely one of a kind, a true original.
  8. Though I generally prefer people at the bottom of the chain, the people at the top, though often a-holes (not always, just a generalization), tend to be workoholics, chasing more and more bucks. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but people who get to the top don't do it by being lazy. Like I said, even in a PSAC environment, those who work the hardest get to the top. I do prefer unions to no unions. I suppose my opinion of the lazy worker comes from living in Ottawa, where the civil servant tends to be the laziest of the lazy. This must be true, as I hear my info. from people working there, who have nothing to gain from divulging this info. Someone I know who works at DND is disgusted by many of her co-workers who go home at lunch and don't return with no consequence. I suppose in a town dominated by the lazy me me me overpaid and underworked civil service, I tend to forget the overworked unionized teachers, hard working steelworkers, etc. Like I said, not all unions are bad, just some (PSAC), and they give all unions a bad name. I don't care what anyone says, PSAC can go f*** themselves. And I'm more left-wing than right-wing. I just don't blindly follow, I go by what I see.
  9. I can't stand Walmart, but it has nothing to do with unions. They move into a community, have low low prices until the competition goes out of business, then the prices are just low, but they're no cheaper than Zellers or Canadian Tire. The stores that went out of business had more people making higher salaries. Those people all work at Walmart now, making peanuts. For every $1 spent at Walmart, maybe 10 cents goes to workers, while 90 cents goes to some anonymous rich American investor. The store they replaced had maybe 80 cents staying in the local community. These figures are probably way off, but to generalize, a far higher % of money spent at Walmart leaves the community and country, than, say, the Home Hardware, and Mom and Pop's grocery that they replaced. Unions are another issue. It's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't scenarios. Without unions, there would be fewer people making a decent living, as workers' salaries and benefits would be cut as much as possible so managers and shareholders / owners would have a bigger slice of the pie. However, in practice, many unions protect lazy ass employees, who can really slack off without getting in trouble. Anyone who doesn't see this is foolishly naive, or a brainwashed union puppet. I just wish unions took a more realistic approach to their workers' protection, and didn't protect the lazy asses, and didn't strike when the going was already good. Case in point: the public sector in Ottawa. They are paid very well, have great benefits, but may strike for a triple the rate of inflation wage increase demand ? Ludicrous. F*** them. Asking for an increase to keep up with inflation, and benefit protection is reasonable, but more is laughable. They act like these people work hard. Sure, some do, but the workers that loaf all day, take 20 smoke breaks, go home after lunch, send useless memos all day, surf the net, etc. The lack of efficiency is mind boggling, and these people get away with it b/c the union will back them from being fired unless they burn the building down. I know many people that work for the government, and ALL of them have told me that this is epidemic. Most people have about 3-4 hours work per day. Then they go home, or stay and f*** around. Some people work their asses off, and get promoted to the top (kudos for them for having the pride to work hard even though they don't have to); but just as many do the bare minimum, f*** around all day, and collect a large paycheck with mandated raises, and a silver plated pension. I'm all for people getting paid, but they should all work a full day. I currently work at a job, part time, where, though I'm not in the union, the union (for full timers) sets the conditions for rules of work. Many times we have 2-3 hours work in an 8 hour shift. This inefficiency costs Ontario taxpayers. However, management can't, say, schedule less workers, or they will have hell to pay with the union. Do I mind having less work ? Hell no, but I'm not losing sleep over it, as it has nothing to do with me. I prefer the full workdays, as time goes by much faster when busy. Another case: In Halifax, a city employee, last year, was passed over for a promotion (probably b/c he's an a hole). So he goes to city hall brandishing a gun, threatening people, scares the sh!t out of the other workers, gets arrested (fortunately he never shot anyone). Naturally he gets fired. However, his union files a grievance over unfair dismissal, using "stress" or "mental illness" as an excuse for this lunatic's behaviour. Is nobody responsible for themselves ? How would you like to be a worker this guy scared when he comes back to work ? Stupid, stupid union. I'm not anti-union. I'm just a realist. With no unions the worker gets screwed sometimes (not all employers are uncaring and evil). With unions the employer gets screwed sometimes (not all unions are myopic and unreasonable). This is the truth. I'll just stay out of the debate between the a-hole extremist pro-business fascists, and the wussy extremist pro-labour commies; and enjoy sitting here in the middle. How Canadian ! I just wish there was a happy middle ground that would satisfy everyone. Will I boycott Walmart ? I've boycotted them since they arrived (except in case of emergency).
  10. First of all, I support the right of gays to marry. Equal rights for all. The arguement "marriage is for children" doesn't hold water, as what about male-female couples that don't want kids ? If 2 80 year olds want to marry, would they deny them ? However, I am sick of hearing about this issue and it's a waste of time to me, distracting from poverty, war, education, environment; you know, IMPORTANT things. Why do I feel this arguement is unimportant ? It's a platform for extremists, for one. But mainly, the whole discussion is: Should gay marriage be called "marriage", or should gay common law unions (ALREADY legal) have some term other than "marriage" to define it. Total BS waste of time to me. I hope I don't offend anyone, but to me there are more important issues on whether a union between 2 people is called one word or another. A word. Marriage or civil union. Who freaking cares. Gays ALREADY have the right to marry. I want to see parliament discussing global warming, alternate fuels, funding our crumbling cities, fixing the medicare system, dealing with child poverty, fixing our education system, longer prison terms for violent crimes, etc., NOT whether a gay marriage is called a marriage or a union. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I've used gmail to store messages. I sent stuff there when I wanted to format my hard drive and start the computer over. How do you "forward" messages in g-mail. There appears to be no "forward message" option. I may be a little dense with technology, and maybe didn't look hard enough, but I couldn't find this simple, common feature. Any help ? ::
  12. Scary sh!t. I find denial is the best way to avoid being scared by such things.
  13. Good topic ! Some are obvious for me... Crap pop, like Britney, Ashlee, etc., but that goes without saying. New country. Blah. I can't say I like Nickleback, but I certainly don't hate them, they're neutral for me. I like Rush, especially their older stuff. And I know a female that loves Rush ! Only 1, though. As far as a contoversial choice, a talented musician that many people I know love, but I HATE... Tom Waits. Can't stand him, never have. When people play his "gargling broken glass" awful noise, I can't wait for it to end. And I like many musicians with imperfect voices: Dylan, Neil, etc., I just can't stand that pretentious sounding, unpleasant T. Waits. For an aside, I'm poing to list Dead songs I dislike (I can't hate anything by them). I love most of their songs, but not these: BIODTL (especially with DJ) Corrina (but nobody likes it) Eternity Just a Little Light Tennessee Jed (reminds me of an a-hole that used to play it) And, it's not hate, more "blah", but most Phish since hoist, I find really Blah, though I love Junta, and Rift, and their shows, especially festivals, I found Phish more and more dull and self indulgent as the years went by, especially at coventry where I'm looking at my watch as Trey's dull solo during (I think) Split Open & Melt seemed like half an hour.
  14. Does she still have a pet snake ? (python?)
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