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  1. Unfinished business in Niagara! http://www.artpark.net/artpark-tuesday-in-the-park-2015
  2. Chewie

    GD50 extras?

    Got shut out. Need 2 per night but will take whatever. Can provide transportation to/from Chicago if that helps.
  3. Widespread Panic 6/17/14 $7 tickets?? Sweet!!
  4. ticket is now spoken for... have a good show people
  5. Sadly I cant make it. It's all yours. 304 row D. Only catch is you have to pick it up in London. Text me 519-878-3108
  6. Sec 120 row 5 asking face + fees = 82.50. make it 80 even
  7. Did this in the other thread but anyon have the Hamilton presale password? thanks in advance
  8. Anybody know the Hamilton venue pre-sale password/info etc?
  9. sorry if this has been posted....actually i dont really care http://thefirstset.net/
  10. jk guys. wished i had more time/$
  11. I wish Rush would play random sets like jambands. I've seen them a couple of times on a particular tour but how cool would that be?
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