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  1. posting again, just incase anyone changed their minds.... if you need a camping pass for this festival, please email me. pixiedust99athotmail.com thanks!
  2. hey if anyone is heading to the pickathon festival in oregon in august and would like a camping pass, please let me know. i bought one before we finalized our summer plans and we are now heading to outside lands instead of pickathon, so i no longer need my pass! please email me at if interested! amanda pixiedust99"at"hotmail.com
  3. just wondering if anyone thinks phish will announce some west coast summer dates? when the announcement said "more summer dates to be announced" this thought crossed my mind. any one have any thoughts on this??
  4. hello. we have been in japan for the past three weeks. we have 4 more days left here (in tokyo) as of today and we have kind of done everything that we really wanted to do in terms of sightseeing and travelling around the country. any thoughts on things we could do for our last few days?? anyone know of any good clubs/bars?? we are close to the shibuya and shinjuku areas. any advice would be great! a*
  5. nice shots!!! definetly a great weekend. saturday nights show was one of the best phish shows i have seen, loved it!! beverage enforcement patrollers in the venue were the only draw back. stellar venue and stellar weekend. wildhorse campground also gets the thumbs up for organization, cleanliness and shuttle bus!!! felt good to "be on tour" again. a*
  6. can anyone recommend a hotel close to The Gorge?? obviously, the closer the better. thanks! a*
  7. we got both nights at the Gorge! Never been there, so it's going to be a treat for sure!
  8. we are still waiting as well...it's past midnight eastern time now isn't it?? weird
  9. i will also recommend the flying pig hostel. anne frank museum and the van gogh museum.
  10. i'm in whithorse, and just to let you know that it is now 0 degrees here!! BUT we suffered from temperatures below -35 for three straight weeks through december and january, so we know how you southerners are feeling right now!!! you'll make it! keep smiling!
  11. the air canada "on hold" theme song! i am beginning to feel like it is my wedding song...
  12. is anyone else not quite as happy with the new "left of centre" which is now sirius XM U?? i am not finding the programming as good as it was before..... also the 80's on 8 station isn't as good as the old sirius 80's station, but that doesn't really matter to me in the long run.. a*
  13. some girlfriends and i are thinking about heading to Seattle for a few days in November. Is it worth it?? we would love to find a hike or two, shop, eat good food....any thoughts would be appreciated! a*
  14. so, any of you that still convincing that Elliott Brood is one amazing band, here's an opportunity you shouldn't pass up.....their song Fingers and Tongues is the Free Single of the Week on iTunes. go and get it! these guys are one of my fav's. have a good one a*
  15. he was supposed to play at the atlin music festival here near whitehorse this summer and a lot of people were pretty psyched about it....but then he recently bailed and cancelled his performance....not a good way to make money in my mind. it upset quite a few people, i wasn't one of them!
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