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  1. did you try any of the non-ticketmaster sales agents? I got mine at Soundscapes on college and I know that rotate this on queen usually sells tix as well. Good luck!
  2. So I'm trying to make it up to Collingwood on the weekend of March 18-20th with a group of 7 or 8 friends. I don't give a rats ass where we stay, but it's gotta be reasonably cheap. Checked most places at Blue Mountain and the prices are completely unreasonable. I'm looking for under $120/room/night. Anybody got any suggestions? I can handle any kind of accomodations...even a dirty ole' roadside motel.
  3. Oops...i guess i'm on the other side of that coin...fugg!
  4. Hey while I'm at it...i may as well as for some advice about buying a new motherboard. I've got an amd athlon 2700 processor. I've got an external sound card, and external video card...bout all i can think to tell you for now. Any thoughts are appreciated...Thanks!
  5. Dang...well replaced the power source and the trouble remains the same. Is there any way of telling if the ole mother board is toast without buying and installing a new one? Like just looking at it perhaps?
  6. Nope, just the typical beep. Yeah, Tungsten...i'm gonna swap the power supply out of a friends pc just to make sure of that first...thanks !
  7. dang...okay, well tried dusting the poop outta the pc, after having taken the sucka apart...no luck. So, it's looking like muthaboard it is. Let me know if you find a good deal on a new board PoG. Maybe a group discount would apply Gawd I hope i don't lose my data...fingers crossed.
  8. holy crap...as luck (or lack thereof) would have it, i'm having the exact same problem. My pc won't even get to the welcome screen anymore before shutting down. I'll try all the recommended solutions...thanks. I really don't want to lose all the digi pics i've taken over the last couple of years...that would break my heart
  9. Well i guess i've already gone wrong...i've got 2 JBL fronts and 2 JBL rears, no center channel. Should I stick with the JBL, or move onto a Yamaha sub?
  10. does anybody have any recommendations as far as a sub goes? I've got a yamaha receiver with 80W output per channel, so i don't need a massive sub. Looking for something crisp but don't necessarily wanna spend a lot of cash. Thanks
  11. Surprised to not see too much talk bout this on the board...guess everyone and their uncle was at Nero this weekend and it sounds like it was a wild one. But not to be outdone...tND was sick and had a large crowd at the Opera house sweating and bumping. Anybody else check this out?
  12. Any idea what time they go on at? Doors?
  13. Holy cow...you aren't kidding. You really do hate that don't you? How perfectly involved
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