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  1. thanks anyway,much appreesh. I was here like 10-12 years ago under tpace or jah_volunteer I forget (Mike B)...I was a huge heroin addict then so apologies in advance if I can't find a place I'll do what I did for YMSB and find a 24hour internet cafe,pass out and drool all over the keyboard as 10 high schoollers shout all night playing Warcraft or some shit. The 1st VIA rail back to Ottawa is 6:15 am,not bad. A 45 year old shouldn't have to go through these things lol. My brakes have no pads on the Pursuit. but I will give a portable 1TB HD with all of the Disco Biscuits SBD Flacs from nugs and disclogic (520+ shows) for a round trip ride next Friday for Aqueous at the Riv. and a ticket. I love those kids....great band.
  2. I'm gonna leave the car at home and do the cheap VIA rail round trip from Ottawa for both shows Tue & Wed but have no place to crash. If anyone have an extra couch or corner of a hotel room that would be way above average. I'll buy the beer and pay my share. also,I really need a ride to TO from Ottawa May 4th for the Aqueous show. I'll pay for your ticket. peace. mikejlb@gmail.com
  3. that's some good 'ole dirty Dead there my friend. they played like 4-5 Dark Stars in a row that week. how dreadful hahaha. talk about a dream set. another one of Rob Eaton's finest. nice choice.
  4. From Good Homes [1998] From Good Homes 20 years ago! sweet Jeebus where'd the time go? Great band/album. Todd Scheaffer's band before he formed Railroad Earth.
  5. Highly recommended. Tremendous live show. Saw them at the String Summit. They really blast that groovegrass. Ages away but worth noting. 25$ https://www1.ticketmaster.ca/event/1000547FD1865D9B
  6. I think the best jams were (in no real order): CDT Twist S & S ~> Caspian Lawn Boy Simple Crosseyed It's Ice Ghost Ocean Sing Mr. C Carini Sand Oh Canada ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As for shows: 4 ; 13 ; 3 ; 12 ; 8 ; 2 ; 6 ; 10 ; 1 ; 5 ; 11 ; 9 ; 7 (this is difficult cause I only attended the last 3 shows while the rest were from the lazy-boy) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  7. pHisH 10/21 Webcast http://mega.co.nz/#!edBVyC7R!EMSTjVWzyJ8a8zV6FlPwHpQFy7NecMClb58Vg4yZQzE 10/21 flac/16 http://d.pr/f/1dp9U/2icVby4D
  8. Props to all of you for maintaining such a great Canadian jamband site with very current info and all that jazz. I remember checking this place out in 2002/3 or so. Anyway,I have a little soundboard archive site with a few peeps and have ammased over 1850 shows from GD to Zappa. All boards. Mostly 256 from LD or 320k . The rest is flac with all of 2012,13 & 14 Phish on flac/24hd as well. Point being,I would love to share some shows here if the site is cool with that. I guess Ill go by requests here and email. Be well Bros.& Sis. peace & nugs, mikey.
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