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  1. Interesting. I've been making this comparison for a few years. One of the biggest, to me, is where each band got started. San Francisco was the heart of the psychedelic movement and the hippie counter culture, Seattle was the heart of grunge and the musical shift of the 90s. Yes Pearl Jam has (had) more hits, but they're essentially a road band now. The albums (since Yield, arguably) don't mean much but some new life in the setlists. I'd say the fanbase is pretty close to as dedicated, but without the touring lifestyle associate with the Dead. PJ is as close as it gets, I think, in terms of being on a similar level of mass cultural importance (Phish is still too off-the-radar for that)

  2. One of the few things about Phish that's always bugged me is the lack of 'banter' on stage. So many shows go by without a "thank you", "nice to see you", "have a great night", etc.

    Unless it's gone unmentioned, nothing was said about Toronto at last night's show. I think they owe us a quick "sorry about last night" from the stage. Most of the people affected by the cancellation were either at last night's show or will be listening to it.

    All that we've had from the band is one very formal announcement, and I think it's fucking rude. It really looks like the don't give a shit.

  3. I completely agree with AD. It'll be tough because Phish is so insular in terms of their influence on other bands and culture in general, apart from the immediate fanbase obviously. If one was campaigning for this, you could argue that the continuation and modernization of the Dead's business model is pretty important, but that's boring to most people.

  4. I saw an Avril Lavigne video from a few years ago that was sponsored by FACTOR. The next video was Gord Downie (FACTOR) and the one after that was a genuine indie band, also FACTOR. I can't imagine why Avril, out of the three, would need grant money. She was at the height of her career then, and making real American money.

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