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  1. I'm not really sure what it all means? Some artists are on there multiple times. When were the grants given? I see a band called 'Gruff' got two grants for about $400 each, while the Hidden Cameras got more than $60,000 (no amount of money could make them not obnoxious), but what were they for? Does the second page suggest that Bumstead (Trews management) have received more than $1,000,000?
  2. I'm not taking my children anywhere near Pete Townshend
  3. If postal codes are subject to copyright, aren't street names (and other place names) also? Do I need a license agreement to use my address in correspondance or to do business?
  4. hotels on hold at all those places WAIT WHERE THE HELL IS TORONTO
  5. Commentary on the matter from ZZYZX: We're getting to the rumor silly season, so here's some advice. If you are presented with an attachment that is a somewhat official looking picture with a list of dates on it, those are always fake. RLM isn't going to leave those lying around for people to grab and scan, especially weeks (if not months) before everything gets finalized. When leaks happen, they're usually venue by venue specific and then people use them to make big pictures. Oh and if you're going to make a fake date list because you're bored, it's Red Light Management, not Red Light Productions.
  6. That seems like a weird route, covering a lot of area, but seeing as they've been doing 2 legs of summer tour lately, they may be more coastal the second time out. They've usually been doing a lot more east coast stuff: Jones Beach, SPAC, etc. but if this is true that might the August/September plan. Still, I've got a Toronto boner that cannot be whacked away.
  7. I went to college in Belleville and absolutely hated the city (Loyalist is a decent college). Jay is right about the Bohemian Penguin. I'm sad it's closed, it was the only remotely interesting place in the whole town. They do have a pretty decent theatre scene, and the Empire Theatre brings in some decent acts. I don't think you'll regret passing on it, overall. Barley Days is currently my favourite Canadian brewery, FWIW.
  8. Gord Sinclair is divorced on account of extracurricular activities ... FWIW
  9. Why can't Bruce get his own ticket?
  10. Apparently Los Lobos were hanging out at the Toucan afterwards as well ... I figured everything else was gonna be nuts near the KRC so I went up to Mansion. Bubba's poutine is legendary. Smokes is a nice alternative though. Glad you enjoyed Kingston
  11. That was fuckin amazing. Los Lobos killed too.
  12. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/mickey-hart-wanted-on-assault-charges-in-kentucky-20120913
  13. http://www.celebritynetworth.com/articles/entertainment-articles/30-richest-drummers-world/
  14. I just came on here to post that. That's fuckin awesome.
  15. I watched a pretty good chunk of it. Dude from The Hold Steady really botched the vocals on Scarlet Begonia ... sounded like he didn't know the song at all. I know his vocal style is a bit unique (I love Hold Steady) but this didn't work for me. Otherwise, it was a tonne of fun and sounded and looked great.
  16. skelter

    DL links?

    Thanks everyone
  17. skelter

    DL links?

    This is the first tour in a while I haven't seen a bunch of DL links ... I tried looking at the PT boards but they frighten me so I ran away. Anyone got links? 6/23 looks the tastiest so far ...
  18. I'm less likely to go, now that you aren't.
  19. skelter

    Phish tour!

    I'm betting there will be no more than 2 new originals this tour, and neither of them will be played more than twice.
  20. We're playing our first full length show on the 14th at the RCHA Club. it's free! https://www.facebook.com/events/330540323683125/
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