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  1. Steppenwolf did a show a few years ago in Port Dover with Jeff Healey and less than 1000 showed up. An organization I'm involved with put it on (I wasn't involved with them back then). Dan Aykroyd voiced the radio commercials, there was a tonne of regional advertising, and a great cause. I dunno how much better you'd do with Cheap Trick, but I'd say Steppenwolf's draw is minimal these days ...
  2. with eric burden or without?
  3. skelter


    this is awesome ... you rule! Thanks!
  4. Lynyrd Skynyrd talked shit about Neil Young and died in a plane crash not long after ... so tread lightly
  5. There may be some job satisfaction when you successfully help someone come to terms with their grief ... but yeah, they probably drink a lot.
  6. I like all of them except the one about it being the promoters fault. Bands have to do their end of things, no matter who they are.
  7. As I've posted here before, I host an open stage on Sundays called the Kingston Folk Club. This week, Emma-Lee is our feature act. You may have heard her on CBC quite often last year - radio 2 played the snot out of "That Sinking Feeling" So, if you're in Kingstonish Sunday, it's at the RCHA Club, 193 Ontario Street. Open stage sign up at 7:30, show at 8. Emma Lee'll be on around 10:30. Then we jam.
  8. what an excellent use of government resources
  9. goddammit what an awful song
  10. Glad to see The Weight didn't make the cut ... love the song, but man oh man does it ever get covered ...
  11. I'm wondering if all the Zeppelin tonight is to throw us off, and we are, in fact, getting Physical Graffiti. I hope Robert Plant is available.
  12. They're pretty buzzy right now. I've listened to a handful of songs and I really don't get it. They sure do have some gimmicks taboot.
  13. For PS I Love You? I really don't get those guys ...
  14. I promoted a few Craig Cardiff shows a few years ago here in Kingston. He's pretty talented, although I never really dug him all that much for some reason. He's extremely anal about talking and noises during his show, so don't go with any chatters or it'll be very awkward for you.
  15. So basically ... we have no more information from this than we did in February
  16. Except there's not really any room for keys in Jimi. I'm still counting on Basement Tapes.
  17. In some ways, I would kinda hope they don't do Zeppelin, because they never do the vocals justice ...
  18. http://www.jambands.com/news/2010/10/28/kravitz-phish-to-cover-led-zeppelin/
  19. Wally and I definitely did not get along ... which is funny because I'm now on the board of directors for Joe's M.I.L.L. which he founded. I was in the same boat, I only knew two songs: Copperhead Road and City of Immigrants (which was AWESOME on mandolin) and came away with a far better appreciation of his music
  20. Great show! After party sucked. Mike Plume opened, and I actually may have enjoyed him more than Steve Earle. http://www.mikeplume.com/
  21. I won a pair of tickets to see this show tonight at the Grand Theatre - what are the chances anyone else here is going?!?
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