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  1. Turns out that playing guitar in a improv focused trio is actually my favourite thing in the world to do. By a very strange turn of events, I've started a project with Chas Guay and Matt Aston called Original Sound Track. I was introduced to Chas years ago in PEI by Punk. Chas was his bass guitar mentor coming up. So Chas now lives in Ottawa and we got something started around Sept 2019. This band is really like 90% pure improv at this point. That being said, I feel like we are tearing a hole in the universe weekly and honestly that is pretty much everything I need from music. Posting hand held jam room recordings weekly here: https://soundcloud.com/user-77130993-304645937/nov-11-jam-3-m Looking forward to maybe playing for people someday
  2. Booche, you keep hanging this bluegrass torture threat over my head. Were you on FORE tour in '87 watching Huey melt faces? Didn't think so. We can agree on Hornsby's greatness. You will never get me to like bluegrass beyond the appreciation for technical prowess. So same level as something like Steve Vai. Lol
  3. Toasted peanut butter and tomato sandwich. Don't knock it until you try it! Breakfast variation: Toasted peanut butter and beets sandwich.
  4. I did not know that! He also wrote Jacob's Ladder. Still prefer Huey's Version.
  5. There's nothing wrong with Don Henley except for Don Henley
  6. Pull the banjolele out of your ears booche. We're going to make beautiful music together. Love this fire/ice relationship. hahaha. EDIT: I swear to god, when I first ready your post I read something completely different. Re reading your post it doesn't sound at all argumentative. You can put the banjolele back in.
  7. The Ottawa show turned me into my 15 year old self and all I heard was GREATNESS. SO SO SO GREAT.
  8. So, I'm going to try and check in here more and participate. I always enjoyed the site but just kinda lost track of it. With Brad's absence, I'm sure there would have to be a lot of new/old people posting to keep the pages turning. I've been plugging away at a solo album for a long time. Never quite sure where to draw the line and put something out. I made this song after a phase of listening to a lot of "synthwave" or just retro 80's music. The first half is very that. Then it veers off in some progressive directions. I used guitar and manipulating it in different ways for most of the sounds really. I made all the sounds on this, played them all, arranged it and of course recorded it. These nice folks at Synthwave Music Channel made me this vid. It is pretty fun.
  9. Great band. Loved the album "Lost in the dream". I definitely got the dylan vibe, but also a real springsteen thing at times. Overall though, I'd sum it up as "Boys of Summer - Don Henley" No not really on that last point but they do remind me of that at times. I can listen to the whole record and enjoy it start to finish. Real nice. Reminds me a lot actually of M83's "hurry up we're dreaming". Different style entirely, but feels similar. Definitely a feeling I enjoy.
  10. the FUCKING HORROR Over the last few days I've just been trying to process this incredible loss to the extended social circle I am a part of as well as the extended community of music fans and musicians everywhere. It has been almost impossible to sit down and put fingers to keyboard because I really wish I could pretend it wasn't real. Brad was, well Brad. A total one of a kind. Legit, straight up unicorn. Based on the many many talks we had about an endless variety of music, I feel that Brad captured and held captive that amazing and beautiful feeling of positivity and endless possibility in terms of his experience of music.( Not to say he wasn't opinionated about things. He certainly would tell you how he felt. Straight faced. No bullshit.) But he was far less jaded than I or (especially) my older music fanatic friends. I feel like he really was just searching for the beauty in the music all the time. I'm sure everyone can picture Brad's facial expression after a set of music he loved. When it came to music, he was passionate. Constanty. In a way I wish I could be. That positivity was all around Brad's character. Guaranteed big hug, a cheers, maybe a shot. We could both go off on whatever guitar player or band had been blowing our minds in between having seen each other. When Brad retired I remember congratulating him and he had the best response... (imagine BradM voice) "Well Dave, in the 90's I didn't go out so much, I didn't have a girlfriend, and I didn't have a hard drug habit. So I saved a lot of money". Indeed! Every time I think about that, I laugh. As a musician, you really couldn't ask for anything more. Someone who pays close attention but is really actively seeking the beauty out of every moment. That being said, if you really stunk it up and managed to talk with Brad before he left, he wouldn't bullshit you. His mark on the Ottawa music community was massive. So much so that I think any of us will have a hard time even comprehending the scope of it. I'll tell my story, but then just imagine the hundreds of other musicians and thousands of listeners that were gifted so much by Brad. I'm very fortunate that Brad took an interest in every musical thing I did or tried to do. If it weren't for Brad, there would likely have never been any nero reunion shows. Because I had to figure out how to play that stuff somehow! lol. I can't tell you how many times I have been thanking Brad at my desk while trying to figure out how I played something. That's really just completely secondary though to the real gifts I got from Brad. I am a completely disorganized mess in terms of my music. I also have failed to plan ahead in any aspect of it. I'm so thankful that Brad recorded things that surely would have slipped into the ether. Brad was at almost every show that I ever performed in Ottawa. He also made it to a bunch of Toronto ones. Just going back and looking at a couple of things I found an early solo show with a song I had written for my infant son. Totally something I had lost track of. I was able to download it and email my now 12 year old son the song to hear. That is really something. Really a gift that Brad gave me. He also recorded a show that was a day after my grandfather passed. I did a cover of Daniel Lanois "the maker". I remember playing a solo in it and thinking about my grandfather and the bigger picture kinda stuff. Upon relistening, the solo isn't great. hahaha. But I know what was happening for me in that moment and I can go back and experience it. Thanks to Brad. Take those kinds of moments and multiply it by the hundreds of musicians he recorded. He really gave a lot. I'll miss him very much.
  11. Patrick Baker covering some Amish looking guy I've never heard of.
  12. https://youtu.be/9f_LnA1wWiI I think the title clearly explains that guitar music is over. What an amazing show. Standing next to his amps. Blown away.
  13. Really looking forward to this. Getting Death Cake back in the kitchen is feeling great.
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