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  1. To the rescue again NW. You rock. The place opens at 8am on Monday and is at 8191 Metropolitain E. Let me know if this might work for you and I will make sure they have it all ready for you. S
  2. I am offering 5 gallons of delicious craftbrewed beer (either something I have on hand, or something you request) and all I need in return is for someone to pick up three or four 55lb bags of malted barley (i have ordered and paid for) in Montreal and bring it too me in Ottawa. If this proposition interests you then send me a PM and we can work things out. And yes I know I never post, but I need help and I am sure some of you like beer....so.... Thanks for your time, Shane
  3. There is another style of 30L keg as well (Beau's uses it, as well as a few others) It is the same height as the 20L and of course a little wider. It should fit in even a small fridge (with some small cut-outs on the door) You should check the height of the fridge as well. You may need a low profile coupler to make it all fit. Low Profile
  4. I have converted a few fridges and freezers to kegerators or keezers over the last few years. I would suggest simgo.com for your regulator and hoses etc. as they pretty much have everything and they are based in Canada. You can get used co2 tanks at most fire extinguisher refill places. Perlick foward-sealing faucets are your best bet for a quality tap. If you don't use a generic tap daily it will start to stick and get dirty. The Perlicks are easier to clean as well.
  5. CAKE appears to be on board for Bluesfest as well. July 17, 2009 Bluefest Ottawa, Canada from http://cakemusic.com/tour.html
  6. I haven't logged in here in ages and was stopping in to check things out and to list an apartment for rent. It looks like my timing could be good. If anyone is still looking, I have a one bedroom in Little Italy available for May 1st (maybe before) PM me for more details. One Bedroom apartment on second floor of duplex in Little Italy. Off Preston, on a quiet dead-end street. Close to transit, stores, restaurants. Private front entrance, Available May 1st - $750.00+hydro, non-smoking Parking available, coin-laundry on site. Thanks
  7. Valid point. I don't have a hybrid and I guess I could have one. I was just thinking that if the ability to produce the electricity for such a small amount more then it would be easier to introduce as we have less of a choice than we do with cars.
  8. This is how it is described by their site: "When you switch to Bullfrog Power, you continue to draw your power from the Ontario grid in the same way that you always have. You don’t need any special equipment or wiring and there is no change in the reliability of your service. We inject green power onto the Ontario grid to match the amount of power your home uses. You have the comfort of knowing that your electricity dollars are supporting clean, renewable power instead of polluting and carbon-intensive sources like coal." I assumed that they were "injecting" the power and therefore producing
  9. We are doing the same with our 'new to us' old house, new furnace, windows, insulation etc. and trying our best to decrease our usage. I think we will be going with the bullfrog concept sooner than later. I don't think the cost/efficiency of solar is there yet to be a feasible alternative for us yet, but I would love to go that way.
  10. So I don't think I get it... If it only costs $1 more per day for all of your personal electricity usage to be green, clean energy, why don't we make things like this mandatory and just charge for it? Is it really for the money savings that we use other sources or would it be impossible for them to produce enough if everyone signed up for this concept? Maybe I'm slow, but can someone explain why this is an option and not just 'the way it is'.
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