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  1. tomorrow night at cinema 379

    tough drum magazine will be presenting a new issue of their arts & culture zine, accompanied with a free cd featuring live recordings of: the silverhearts, the fire flower revue, the unionist ministers, dave tough, johnny c, & more.

    performing live will be:

    the fire flower revue

    kevin busby

    jill dagenais

    johnny c

    dave tough

    the unionist ministers

    show starts at 9ish

    no cover

    on george street between hunter & simcoe

    this will be a good fun time. if you come, please introduce yourself to me (i am the lguy who will be singing for the unionist ministers) id love to meet some more of you.



  2. The whole "this band sucks" is just so dumb to me because I've said the same thing about so many bands I've eventually come to enjoy.

    you took the words right out of my mouth.

    there are countless bands that i have spent hours of my life downplaying who turn out to be quite good in the end.

    alot of people just like to be different, just as a lot of people like to fit in. sometimes it apeals to somebodys sense of self to claim that they dont like a band just because the majority of people do like them ( or dont). lord knows ive been there. dont deny it, you have too . . .

    i still think the stones, ac/dc and nirvana suck though. :P

  3. i dont know you at all but from what others have said you sound like an exceptional human being.

    ive learnt an incredible lot over the last half a year. i spent a long time thinking that things could not get any better when i suddenly was hit with the realization that i was living my life in an incredibly harmful and unacceptbale manner and that really, if things were to get any worse my whole world would bottom out. i learnt was that you always have to keep your emotions in check, be aware of where your head and haert are at before its too late.

    personally, i moved to the other side of the nation to an isolated community to sort out my issues and it worked. im not implying you should go to this extreme but it is important to do something, anything, which im sure you have but keep tyring. somethings gotta give.

    i think the most imporant thing i learnt was when i finally got back and i thought i had everything in order. i had a new job, a new house and a new look on life. i spent two weeks like this then I lost my job and had to move back in with my parents, which was a huge slap in the face. my life crumbled momentarily once again. it realy reinstated what i have already said, that you have to always be aware of where your head is at.

    well, whatever . .. take my ramblings into consideration if you understand what im getting at.

    hang in there.



  4. hey guys

    im sure a few of you are floating around here. i play in the ministers and would like to chat about the upcoming show to get the details. please email me at special_lights@hotmail.com or just reply here ________

    were excited to play with you guys again



  5. well i thought i should make ageneral post.

    i used to be around these parts, but ive been gone for some time. some personal problems forced me to leave the p-dot and ontario for a few months, and after a few very refreshing, very detoxing months on hornby island bc i am back in good form and happy about it.

    im in peterborough again and have started playing in a few bands once more. some may remember my age and the many difficulties it once presented, but im now almost going on my 20th birthday and can catch many more shows than when i was around 2 years ago.

    im happy to be back, and hope to jump back into all the fun and friendship i once had here.


    mikey d

  6. Saturday, February 26th

    The Gordon Best Theatre Presents a Showcase of Piano-Driven Rock & Roll


    James Kent - Local Sad Bastard Singer/Songwriter

    The Ryan Luchuck Band - Piano Power Pop from Toronto

    Mike Duguay & The Special Lights - Local Rock n' Roll goes Broadway

    Doors @ 8


  7. hey every buddy

    i just wanted to srop a line to say hey to everyone and let everyone know im doing just swimmingly. the new place is great, as is the new job and ive been getting alot of work done creatively. infact, i just got signed to backlash records and will be releasing my debut album in november. ill keep anyone whos interested informed as to when the release will be.

    i hope all is well with everybody since i last checked in. if anyone is ever in the area feel more than free to stop by for some smoke & beers.


    love mikey d

  8. as im soon leaving my current home and will have little or no internet access over the next year, my future posts will surely be few and far between. id like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being such kind, warm-hearted people who always could manage to make me laugh or smile, teach me something new and occasionaly help point me in the right direction. though i have personally met only a few of you (all some of the greatest people i have ever met in my young life) i feel as though i have a connection with all of you, as anyone who is a part of this board will agree with. i hope i will continue to meet more of you at shows, etc. and hope i continue to keep in touch with those i have met. ill stop in from time to time.

    thanks again to all of you beautiful people.


    mikey d


  9. well i made some great advancements in my life today. if i wanted to be cheesy i could refer to it as a 'new beginning'. i think i just might . . .

    today i:

    a) got a job! for those of you who know me, this may even sound a little bizarre, but i have achieved the once unbelievable and got myself a job. and not only a job but a GOOD job, hell, a wicked job. im working at the spill which is a real nice cafe here in town that supports tons of live music with shows 4-6 nights a week and has a great group of staff. not only is this good for me on a financial level as it will help me turn around a few financial problems i have currently, but it will also add a little more schedule and responsibilty to my life and take away from the abundance of freedom ive had over the past two months and maybe teach me a thing or two about responsibilty, which will come in handy as:

    B) i signed a lease on a house. on sept 1st me and 3 of my best friends are moving into a beautiful house in a wonderful area of town. its within 5 minutes of the dowtown core, but still in a cozy, quiet neighbourhood (542 waterford to all of those who know the patch). its definately a liberating feeling to be getting away from my parents and getting out on my own, and begin to establish myself independantly.

    c) I was asked to assume a position on The Peterborough Arts Umbrella board of directors. the PAU is essentially a group that oversees most of the arts that take place in ptbo, everything from dance to music to theatre to art exhibits, etc. ill be assuming the role of the representative for the performing arts. this is a huge offer as i will be able to exercise alot of creative and artistic direction and as well, i will be the youngest person to be involved with the direction of the group ever.

    all in all, its been a good day :D

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