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  1. thats cool picture keri everybody with a desk job should put on a picture of what they see from their chair. except me, too lazy..cant be bothered
  2. caution jam is one of my all time favorite girl bands.
  3. no sept 31st this year? shit but if maxwebster decides to skip this one because there is no sept 31, then i'll probably go anyway.
  4. Heres the deal: -Cornstalk is Septempber 30th and 31st -its just west of Simcoe (at the local 'Corn maze'). -2 stages -its a two day event -great outdoor setting - admission is like $10 or something (cheap).. -licensed event (beer) -all ages event second year this little festival has run, still trying to get off its feet. Tony Duclose (shoeshine boys) is the primary organizer and i'm helping him with what I can. its a charity thing all proceeds go toward the local yout center music program. should be fun.
  5. that is almost identical to the setlist he played on saturday night -right down to Dan Reeder's mike not being turned on for the encore....?!?!
  6. "I believe this is also Shawnald's birthday....." true that mr. webster. an interesting side bar is that this will be shawnalds 853rd birthday, he was born in Ireland in the year 1153. so come celebrate with shawnald and the gang, maybe he'll break out his pot of gold this time. but I doubt it. stingy fuckin lepreachan.
  7. for a while, I was done with school the year started in janurary like its supposed to spring ended when it got hot summer and fall played a seemless set then i married a teacher aarrrgggg
  8. just got off the phone with Wilson - d dog is electric in the saloon on friday night. and accoustic on the main stage on saturday...
  9. Mr. Nue: ya Wilson said we have the friday night saloon spot, the saturday main stage spot is an accoustic set - Mr.tonin: if your talking to Wilson, ask him about that!
  10. the record is going to be called: "SIR SKETCHALOT STRIKES AGAIN" featuring our new hit single: "Down in a Blazo of Glory"
  11. "Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane." - H.P. Lovecraft (author) not true! i'm often in the mood to dance when im clear headed and full of energy (best time for sex too!) like right after breakfast, or after a jog.
  12. thats wonderful dude. ive been aching to try one for a long time. have fun
  13. played with mark wilson and company at the Norfolk in Dover on sat. and we had half the bar up by the end of the night - and im pretty sure that nobody was on E. energizing a crowd is like a critical mass thing, and not just with the crowd - the band has to reach 'giver' critical mass too. if both ends of the spectrum are pushing it enough, then that magic energy circle forms and bingo - its a party! its kinda like sex, if one person is really horny but the other isnt then its not going to be awesome.. both sides have to want it.
  14. that is too bad... my son willow and I used to go there regularly to eat. They wouldnt let him in the bar side, so we used to sit in the dining room instead. always ordered the pork tenderloin, my boy has good taste!
  15. just wondering if anyone has any info. on where to stay and eat and visit in quebec city.....oh ya and cheap! i've heard there are some hotels tucked away....close enough, but away from the spendy places. ryan and i are going away for a couple of weeks, so any suggestions would be a great starting point! thanks....mama marsha to be
  16. they should warn people about driving on Molly too- now that shit is dangerous! who knew???
  17. paisley, you missed it man. there were balloons and clowns. it was like being at Lazlos house on a monday night.
  18. The CTMF award for JamKid most willing to whore him/herself out for chemicals at 4:00 am monday morning award. The CTMF award for Jamkid who stays awake the longest without the use of chemicals The CTMF award for Shawnald (i'm just going to give him his own fucking category.)
  19. d dog is playing at frontier town for a Biker party - should be fun!
  20. diesel dog licks frog balls but mark wilson is pretty good so i'll go.
  21. ya - we played the other side of town at that party - we are probably going to play one or two others off that album tonight at pepperjacks 5 anniversary party!
  22. definately going to be there... john prine is in my top 5. right up there with korey and del
  23. You know, politicians at the top take the heat for a lot of shit. especially conservative politicians (on a extremely left leaning forum). Often folks like Mike Harris are characterized as evil/inhumane/etc. for events that happen while they are in charge. The inquiry into Dudly Georges death heard testimony from over 100 witnesses - testimony from both natives and OPP. The conclusion was that Harris never authorized any use of force. The shooting was the responsibility of the police, not the government. Remember we live in a small country with a very accessible political system. Most people who hold office in Canada (regardless of their political affiliation) are not evil monsters who sit around inventing up ways to screw us, they are just normal people (neighbours-fathers -mothers) who are doing the best they can to govern and make decisions that will benefit the country.
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