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  1. the power is out all over the place. people missing work - hospital in simcoe had to cancel elective surguries, tim hortons is closed. and last night it was so dark in my house that it was hard to find the bathroom. but eventually, i did. (fingers crossed!)
  2. kim mitchell IS a wild party. "were all here to be reckless sleazy and easy to please dreamers and schemers on the loose" fuck YA. and you CAN only drive down main street so many times! honk honk bitches!
  3. mama pinks heady vibes forum sounds kinda hot
  4. out of town wanglers were in top form (as always).. it was so awesome that everybody came down to simcoe to party with us. we raised a bunch of cash that will go a long way toward paying for the wedding. hope everybody got home safe and came down smoothly- thanks you guys for being such cool fuckin friends, love you all - ryan and marsh
  5. "well i try not to let the facts get in the way of what i feel is the truth" thats friggin hilarious Davey Boy, and I know exactly what you mean.
  6. awesome job - congrats ! maybe you can help me with some more cake baking tips sometime... got to cream the butter at room tempurature right?
  7. does anybody here know much about these? if I wanted to buy one, which one should I buy? Boss? Roland? Yamaha? anybody have some experience/ opinions?
  8. how about Mariah ??? she blew me away... wow.
  9. i sort of read it wrong at first, looked like: french teachers in ottawa, desperate ! sounded kinda hot.
  10. backbacon Said: "I have a package of Diesel I'll be sending to you too. The 12/16 PJC is super!" I would love to hear that show - i remember as one of the best sets we ever played...
  11. instead of "you suck" you can say "doesn't really do it for me" or "not my thing brah" giving criticism or to you friends is OK, saying "you suck" is just plain childish.
  12. they all come back...
  13. Anybody know where to find this stuff free on the net??? its some kind of freeky shit! (i'm working sooo hard today) John C. Lilly, M.D. Click Here to Buy About 1971 John Lilly made the experiment which is track 1 of this CD. He produced what is called a "repeating loop" -- in other words, he spoke the word "Cogitate" once and it was electronically repeated over and over utilizing a special disc to ensure unvarying repetition. First use, the Lilly Exercise: Notate changes in sounds and meanings i.e. "conscious tape... conjure tape.. count your tape... ", etc. Do this until all variants have been exhausted including alterations in meter, i.e. "tape counter", etc.
  14. is that a picture of phil the alien or the guy from phish?
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