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  1. i totally agree with Mark C... that was the most fun I've had jamming with any band in a long time. Mike recorded the show - i'm really looking forward to listening
  2. i havn't talked with Crissinger about that but it would be cool - we're going down either way, should be fun...i'm playing with the Shoeshine Boys on friday night at Angelos so it looks like a another Port Dover weekend for me
  3. mark, i'm not too sure about the specific show details, but I am sure that Dover will be wide open on the 14th...the 13th might be a little congested but the winter parties are alot smaller - by saturday everything will be more or less back to normal as far as road bolocks, etc are concearned. having said that - it is going to be mild, so I wouldnt be suprised if we get 10,000 out. (compared to 40,000+ in the summer) ryan
  4. you guys threw an awesome party, I had as much fun as anybody could in one night. and a big CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement, thats a perfect way to start a new year together. but jeremy, did you have to get tracey such a big diamond? ouch! that kinda makes the rest of us look bad:)
  5. this should be a good show, we're gonna break out some new originals, settle some debts, probably do a space mangler...
  6. line up change: Ricky Nue is going to be playing drums with Diesel Dog. (anybody heard of this clown? I hope he knows what hes doing) gigs: Dec 9 - Angelos, Port Dover - first gig with our new drummer Dec 16 - PepperJack Cafe - Hamilton Dec 23 - Angelos, Port Dover - Accoustic christmas show, should be lots of fun
  7. carey carey your so hairy... good times , fun times, early morning hurting times, happy happy... mangle soon, Ry & Marsh
  8. no prob Mr.Russel - i've got yer heady ragtime fix... I stopped by the bar yesterday, and noticed that they have purchased a pretty nice accoustic piano. Whats suprising is that its in pretty decent tuning. Whats even more suprising is that it fits in the room.
  9. mangler - are you guys coming down for the festivities?
  10. yeh jay- the key playing is what really makes the difference. sometimes I get up in the morning feeling like shit and all I have to do is play a little jingle, then marsha does a little dance - before I know it its time to go to work and i still have a fucking hangover, its like a little slice of heaven. piano playing monkey bitch heaven.
  11. happy birthday marsha your not a couger yet you can still stay up all night and smoke my ciggerettes happy birthday marsha your almost getting old but even though you will some day you'll always rock my world happy 27 baby
  12. so how would i go about being resourceful aenough to get these presale tickets??? thanks marsha
  13. ITEM LOST: my brain, somewhere around the stage area between 8:00 and 11:00 sunday morning if anybody finds it could you....ah fuck it its probably busted anyway also, anybody knows how to get ahold of Dev from Collingwood, it would be great if you could send me her phone #
  14. thanks for that...i hadnt got around to figuring out how to make the torrent thing work yet! cheers, marsha
  15. do you have a link? e tree virgin thanks
  16. does anyone know where i can get any info. about how the show was? is it available for download anywhere? marsha
  17. we survived another frontier town...just... thanks bobby, mikey, becky, & jeremy for putting it all together... also thanks to pete (diesel dogs new drummer), ricky left some pretty big shoes to fill and you played fuckin great! anybody have some pictures to post?
  18. monday morning, why does my head still hurt? was it the 80 ounces of Jager we had for breakfast, or was it cause I got bitched slapped with a beer bottle? either way I had a freekin blast:) thanks to all of you crazy fuck@rs for coming down to simcoe town and making the evening so much fun...we're definately gonna do it again this summer!
  19. oh wow...this is my first time....its marsha as teet. just wanted to let all you folks know that the weather apparantly is going to move around this area, it has rained a bit this morning and i think its all done with. we have a huge tarp set up and i'm gettin psyched to see everyone...so bring your tents and drinks and whatever else you need and get your butts down here for a fuuuuuuuuunnnnnn night!!! RULES no cheatin' no stealin' no lyin' be groovy or get out!!! see ya'll soon
  20. friday night: i checked the weather station and the little graphic icon for tommorow has clouds, sun, and lightning - so i'm expecting a pretty mixed bag... marco is on his way over and we're gonna haul the tarp up tonight, i'm not sure how many of you crazy fuck*ers are gonna show up, 50? 150? if you do make the trip just remember to bring your tent and your beers, and zeddy you should bring blanos stuff...
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