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  1. Sharon Jones said that Trump gave her the stroke: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-sharon-jones-gabriel-roth-last-days-20161119-story.html
  2. very sad... I'd recommend to all fans to watch this movie of her cancer struggle... she's had a very challenging few years and it's really sad to hear she has passed yesterday, it obviously comes as a shock to the Soul & Funk community ... she had a slew of dates on the books, so her condition must have changed rapidly resulting in her passing. lots of love to the Daptone Records Family... they seem to have some bad luck, Amy Winehouse recorded her album with the Dapkings, their newest release by the Frightnrs comes off the passing of their lead singer Dan “Brukky” Klein , Charles Bradley just was diagnosed with stomach Cancer, and the news yesterday about Sharon... very sad.. My favorite song by Sharon has to be "How Long" - I've seen her play about 8 times, and I don't think I ever saw her do this one live... i remember the band teased the song in an intro medley, but never played it with her singing... I always wondered if she didn't play it, either she was sick of it. or perhaps another reason? To me this is her best known song and not playing it seemed strange, especially since she had an album called "give the people what they want" - well I want Sharon Jones back!
  3. killer show! Always admired these guys... they really were scene builders with their residency at Babylon and shows at Dekcuf. I'm rocking out to this at work.
  4. Concert Listing AnnouncementNuFunk.ca Presents Saturday, November 26, 2016 3rd Anniversary Celebrations of The Lizards: Canada's Premiere Phish Tribute Band Lights by TG5 Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto, ON9PM / 19+$15 adv/ $20 doorOnline Tickets http://bit.ly/Lizards3yr Facebook Event Link: http://bit.ly/2emZyfc Premier Phish tribute band, THE LIZARDS, are back at it again. This time it's to celebrate their 3rd anniversary of putting on kick-ass, raging groovefests for thousands of fans across this country. Come and take part in the ritualistic experience that is THE LIZARDS. With TG5 creating a unique and mesmerizing light show, Nov. 26 promises to be a sure fire night. Get your tickets now!
  5. RIP What an amazing artist. i saw him in concert a few years back at Radio City and he had so much energy. He did 2 sets and he ran out at the start of each set and was so funny, dropped to his knees on several numbers to get into the character of the songs. He played his greatest hits, but with a big emphasis on the "I'm Your Man" album, which was a favorite of my mom's growing up. I recommend the biography by Sylvie Simmons - she does a great job at telling his life story and helping understand his often conflicted personality., My favorite part was finding out that he had moved to New York and lived only 2 doors over from my first apartment on Riverside Dr near Columbia University. He received a scholarship after graduating from McGill and while at Columbia he was intrigued by the Beat Poets and tried to get in with them, but never felt like he was accepted, he also was in the mix with Lou Reed's Velvet Underground + Nico crowd, but ultimately also didn't feel that he belonged. Did anyone else read his book "Beautiful Losers" that was one messed up book!
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    All my peeps here in NYC are on edge. We didn't see this coming, we all thought it would be a Hillary landside and the republican's would be decimated. Everyday for the past year we came to work (ironically at the Trump Building) and chatted about how it would be impossible for people to support Trump with his latest antics. Tuesday the nightmare came true. I'm sure there are too many reasons why this happened, I think America just wasn't ready for a women to run the country and they wanted real change. The silver lining is that Clinton won the popular vote which means that most people in America don't support Trump's agenda - that group will have to do everything in it's power to influence the Trump Government. It hasn't set in yet what is about to happen, but seems like my time in America is about to close.
  7. Gisto, the lead vocalist/guitarist from Wassabi Collective is back with a new single. It was premiered today on ReggaeVille.com The video was shot last summer when he came visited me in NYC, this was filmed in Brooklyn by J-Rockaz a dood we met at a reggae party only a few days before. Gisto is now based in Vancouver and has a full album ready to go, he's just waiting for the right time to release it. Any how this is the first single. Take a listen here:
  8. Friday October 28th join us at the Rivoli to celebrate House of David Gang's annual Peter Tosh Tribute 2016! Lineup includes Canada's own roots rock reggae band House of David Gang, reggae supastar AMMOYE and DJ Sara Simms. Rivoli, 334 Queen St. West Doors open at 9 pm Show starts at 10 pm Admission: $15 Come one, come all! Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/184350575352557/ Here are some of the hits:
  9. I tried right at public onsale and i was getting error messages, now i just tried and you could get the worse seats for the 2nd tier pricing.. boo
  10. I was reliving 2002 over the weekend... was a very special time!
  11. Did anyone see this? Eat a Peach: A Tribute to The Allman Brothers Band is a live musical experience not to miss! Some of Toronto's top jamband artists faithfully reproduce the sound and vibe of the kings of Southern Rock. Advance Tickets for this event are available online at http://velvetallmans.eventbrite.com/ (Doors at 9pm, 19+.)
  12. It's been years since I've been, but I just heard this year was great... Congrats to Mark and Rick on their 17 years of operation! http://www.facebook.com/groups/2246037169/
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    Ria Mae

    Cool video, really makes you want to watch until the end. Not a bad song either.
  14. Looking for Kingston tickets... they are crazy expensive!
  15. I'm not sure of the whole history of Jon's politics lately, but I know he's been a "ardent" Bernie Sanders supporter having recent put on a fundraising event here in NYC I did hear some rumblings that on Phish tour phans were critical of his positions. He just posted this and I think it captures a lot the sentiment of how people are feeling about the upcoming US election. Apparently people are saying "He's come around." ---- So, lastly, having read and posted Shylas piece along w/the RS interview of Jane Sanders, and then the Thom Hartmann piece on the Supreme Court, and having read and mulled over hundreds of different opinions about all the different events that have transpired throughout the election season thus far, and having been an ardent Bernie supporter not just since he announced running, but for almost his entire career, not because anyone should give a shit what I think, but because this is social media and I feel like writing this where people can see it because it tests my convictions....here's where I'm at: I could have never considered it before knowing for sure whether Bernie would be on the ticket, any ticket, or not. Now that he's out I have to say publicly that when push comes to shove I'm going to put aside my disgust and vote for fucking Hillary Clinton. Here's why: I've trusted Sanders for 30 years and for 30 years I've watched him exercise sound judgement and be on the right side of history the vast majority of the time. Way more than anyone else I've observed in politics in my life. There are a lot of people I respect saying we should vote for her, but I could care less what even they say. It's the fact that Bernie is endorsing her himself that makes a difference for me. I've trusted him this far. Why would I decide not to trust him now just because he's saying something I hate like hell to hear and have to consider? The fact is, as dirty as her hands are as a politician I truly do not believe Sanders would give her his endorsement if he didn't feel as a country we would be at least in safe hands with her as president. It's clear he believes we would definitely not be in safe hands with Trump, and for me that's a no brainer to agree with. Hillary and the DNC are probably lying their asses off to Bernie about doing any of the things he's fought to get her to publicly state her support for. Whatever...she's a fucking professional liar, but the fact remains that if she does become president it'll be as the head of a party who's platform clearly has his permanent finger print on it which is not going to just go away. With Sanders remaining in office with a much louder voice on a national level now than ever before, and especially if we who supported Bernie do our job by keeping up pressure and momentum of the progressive agenda he just got on the map, Hillary will end up a one term president if her overtures and accolades turn out to be only lip service. I'd much rather have a president that Bernie and his supporters can continue to exert influence on throughout their tenure as president than not. From the momentum that's been started and the influence of Bernie on down ticket candidates over the next few years we may have a real chance to turn around the house and senate and get not just business as usual dems, but progressive dems and independents in there too. If that's happening Hillary has to adjust accordingly. With Trump or anyone else in there Bernie's, and by default, our hand in what happens is much weaker, and possibly negated altogether. It sucks he lost the presidential bid, but to lose his influence and the influence of all the support he generated for progressives too would be throwing the baby out with the bath water. Of course, if she were to continue to go out of her way to give the progressive wing of the party the finger like she has been recently with her VP pick and hiring of Shulz on the heels of the DNC rigging against Sanders scandal that could translate into a Cruz presidency or something equally insane by 2020, but I'm still not willing to take Trump in the short term. I just can't do it. I can't imagine allowing a guy who picked Mike Pence as a running mate to choose Supreme Court justices. That would just be way too willful a dereliction of duty to my self conscience to ignore. I simply don't have the capacity for denial required to pretend I could suppress the level of self hatred that would eventually arise in me as a result of having actually supported that agenda. It could be grounds for suicide! So that ain't happening on my watch, especially when there's an alternative that Bernie can find it in himself to actively support. It's got to be harder for him to endorse her than for anyone else, and like I said, I really believe him when he says he believes she's qualified. As qualified as him? Not by a long shot! But qualified enough for him to actually say so? I don't think he'd say it at all if he didn't think so. I trust that if he thought she'd be as bad for the country as Trump he'd say so, and that's not what he's saying. I know Trumps presence in the race adds urgency that he might not have otherwise, but I still don't think he'd endorse her strictly out of fear of Trump if she was equally to be feared? But I do think the fear of Trump is serious and should not be taken lightly. That guys a fucking idiot! I mean, we are staring into the abyss when we're considering actually handing that guy the keys to the kingdom. We don't need our own version of Nero or Caligula! He's the beginning of a whole new level of incompetence and insanity. I mean, the thing that's so messed up is he was actually not the worst the GOP put up this year! He might have even been the best and he's already way scarier than W was. Trump is just as stupid as W, but way meaner spirited. Just add religion and you have Cruz! I just don't want to head any further in that direction. I don't want worse than W and I just do not believe Hillary is worse than W or that if she were, Bernie wouldn't say something. Finally, though I'd rather vote my conscience than have to go the LEV ( lesser evil) route, and I truly don't believe anyone voting 3rd party is to blame for any potential Hillary loss, I'm also not going to kid myself and pretend that there's a viable third party right now that could win, or that the third parties available that I could vote for wouldn't be siphoning off more votes for Hillary than for Trump. So, for me, realistically it's down to Hillary and Trump, which is a giant disappointment on the whole, but between the genuine horror show potential of Trump, and my trust in Sanders judgement, and the potential for Sanders influence to remain much higher with a Clinton presidency, I'm fucking taking the plunge and doing what I think is the most sensible option left. I'm not "with" her, but I'll vote for her because it's the best chance we have to keep Bernie's influence as high as possible. There. I fucking said it.
  16. that guys has hits for days - enjoy!
  17. House of David Gang headlines OLG Stage at Woodbine Park Beaches Jazz Festival on Fri. July 22nd “NuFunk Day” at Toronto International Beaches Jazz Festival Friday, July 22nd, 2016 at Woodbine Park OLG Mainstage featuring: House of David Gang: Toronto’s nationally touring Reggae Collective followed by Tortured Soul: Internationally touring live soulful house trio + special guest DJs FREE, 7PM Start Hosted by NuFunk.ca House of David Gang (Toronto, Ontario) www.houseofdavidgang.com Dubbed Canada's "Reggae Warriors," House of David Gang is an authentic reggae band that delivers late 70s and early 80s-style Jamaican reggae originals and the classic roots reggae songs of greats such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown; mixed with folk, soul, calypso, afrobeat and hip-hop influences. It is fronted by vocalist King Selah and drummerJahlin Edwards with guitarists Terell Jarvis and Jay Cleary, bassist Uncledropsi rounding out the modern incarnation of The Gang. The band takes its name from the House of David, an after-hours spot on Queen Street West that was a hotspot for artists from the city's burgeoning Rastafarian and reggae. Currently riding the success of their recent remix album “Reggae Warrior Remixed,” which contains 12 remixes from producer/DJs from all over the globe and which has garnered some impressive radio play including BBC Radio 1. Here's a 13min preview of the band's new Remix Album "Reggae Warrior Remixed" out on NuFunk Records
  18. Crazy that this was 20 years ago. I think my top musical memories are: The Tragically Hip Ani DiFranco Porno For Pyros Screaming Chetah Willes Gandarvas SpaceHog The Hip were on fire that night, Trouble at Hen House had just come out and they played a lot of that material. Porno for Pyros were also great, Perry Ferrell was really in his element. Ani DiFranco was very captivating as well. I knew one of the Drost brothers, he ran a studio & rehearsal space for a few years after Eden Fest in Toronto. He explained to me that he and his brothers produced the festival. To get the final permits required for the noise they had to give the local city council 20,000 tickets for free to be given to people in the community.. instead those tickets were later sold by scalpers right outside of the venue posing as staff. He explained that since they were Americans the local area law-makers over-charged them and fought with them on everything including staging and fencing. Security broke down and thousands snuck into the festival over fencing and through forest areas. I'd love to hear more stories from anyone else who went, I'm trying to refresh my own memory of what really happened, it was really crazy out of control free-for all festival. Here's an Allan Cross article that goes into the wild stuff: http://ajournalofmusicalthings.com/twenty-years-ago-week-edenfest-great-success-even-greater-disaster/ there's full line up list over here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edenfest
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