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  1. Yeah the wook hooker (wooker?) I procured for you is not going to fit in a standard tent plus I promised her battery hook up for her Rascal Let's get this man an RV pass people!!
  2. Freeker

    Bluesfest 2014

    Oh it's not my wish list just a quick list I culled from TURF, Osheaga, Lolla etc...To show the number of great, relevant acts that are out there this year, heavily touring summer festivals. My wish list is this festival - http://shakykneesfestival.com/ Stupid Atlanta and their stupid awesome festival
  3. Freeker

    Bluesfest 2014

    Oh I'm sure that will all be added Outside of Jenny Lewis I'm not excited about any of this. Sure it will be great to see Deltron, Truckers and Deer Tick again but where the fuck are: Spoon Eminem Arctic Monkeys Modest Mouse Beck Jack White Outkast The Replacements The Hold Steady Neutral Milk Hotel Portugal the Man Boy & Bear Gaslight Anthem Ray Lamontagne Man Man Local Natives White Denim Jason Isbell Head and the Heart Broken Bells Avett Brothers Blitzen Trapper Band of Horses Nick Cave Foster the People Chromeo They're all touring heavily this summer for fuck sake!
  4. Whaaaa they added a Montreal date??? Thanks for the heads up Dave-O!
  5. Can't believe J Dilla is playing considering he's been dead since 2006.
  6. You looked at me, gave me a wink and proceeded to pull the flask out and take a slam...about 1 foot away, looking directly at you was the bouncer with the most confused look on his face. Fucking priceless.
  7. Whats the deal with Vapor Central, do you need a med license or can I walk in there with my PAX and get crazy?
  8. Ya folks back home are pretty pumped for OCMS. I half debated heading home for it but it sold out so quickly. Still can't picture people gettin' down to bluegrass in Convocation Hall, wild!
  9. I think they did the same thing with VIP tickets last week too. I don't remember them being $300 when I first looked still in.
  10. Freeker

    Osheaga 2013

    Well now we know what crushed Monahan's spirit, this a huge lineup for Osheaga they obviously have made some big time partners helping pull the strings, C3 for one at least. Personally I think the lineup is shit but you gotta give them props for booking the big names What I don't get though is Lollapalooza and Osheaga have almost identical lineups and they're on the same weekend?!? That has to be a logistical nightmare
  11. Freeker

    Bluesfest 2013

    MORE ARTISTS ADDED: July 13th: Serena Ryder Phosphorescent Half Moon Run Finally something to get excited about! Phosphorescent is fucking amazing and I've been loving HRM lately
  12. Freeker

    Bluesfest 2013

    Question for our resident lawyers; Since the smoking ban bylaw only applies to municipal lands and not federally owned lands, can the Bluesfest legally ask patrons not to smoke on what is essentially public property? Please educate me.
  13. Freeker

    Bluesfest 2013

    It was apparently in the email that got sent out.
  14. Freeker

    Bluesfest 2013

    and maybe a screen tent lol
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