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    Bluesfest 2013

    Lineup will be revealed at 6:30am
  2. Freeker

    Bluesfest 2013

    The uber Pearl Jam fan at work just informed me that due to the complex structure of the fan club that they probably wouldn't pull something like this last minute... That said he just left the room mumbling about how he was going to convince his wife to let him go to Bfest and the London show...so who knows
  3. Freeker

    Bluesfest 2013

    Awesome! They finally realized that this is the time of year that all the other big festivals announce their lineups and people start making their summer plans so they better do the same. And I guess with all the bad press lately, this is the best way to change the conversation. It must have been a real game time decision to do this and forego the annual Announcement Gala which is a huge money maker/raiser for Bfest, it's a little strange they abandoned it for zero fanfare without pressure to do so. Does anyone even know how and when the the announcement will be made today?
  4. Freeker

    Bluesfest 2013

    Tool Belle & Sebastion Dr John One Direction All rumoured
  5. IN. I also have two extra floors if anyone is still looking
  6. 4 floors acquired. This is going to be a great birthday!
  7. reminds me of the night I knocked up CatPhish cept that wasn't a Camero dude, it was the pool table at The Bayou
  8. As soon as Blitzen was done I sprinted over to the River stage to catch the last 15 min only to find them finishing up their last song 10 min early. Sorry to Hart and to Kat for dragging you both along for nuthin' Great to see you though!
  9. Deltron was amazing! Blitzen Trapper/Good Ol War and Bad Religion tonight. Here we go again!
  10. Freeker

    RIP Ween

    â€@claudecolemanjr - unreal! Just 3 wks after blindsiding us all, his tour dead, his wallet bare G wants 2 tour "for the fans" us 2 help him "as a friend" huh? sad.
  11. Didn't see the article but Wooden Sky was the best thing I saw yesterday, what a great sound! Their cover of Nirvana's "All Apologies" was kick ass. Can't wait for Deltron!
  12. Naw Mark is one of the toughest little dudes I've ever met. Only option was to cut power and you just don't do that, it looks completely unprofessional especially when you have a massive crowd eating out of performs hand. All you can do is just ride it out apologize to Norah and never ask stupid fucking Seal back again. Anyone else catch Norah Jones doing "It Must Have Been The Roses" ? it was absolutely sublime.
  13. Seal pulled off the biggest dick move I've ever seen last night, he wouldn't get off the stage and ended up playing into Norah Jones by 15 mintues. She had to start her set and for a few songs both stages in the main bowl we're going at once. Even when the stage manager waved him off the dick took the time to intro the band and go into another song. Wow just wow.
  14. Did she ever! I was right on the rail and my god what a show! From the very beginning I thought the guitar player looked familiar, turned out to be Dave Rawlings, incredible! Then about half way through the show they bring out another guest who happened to be Gillian freakin Welch! The show was amazing, a perfect blend of Bright Eyes and Mystic Valley Band tunes and the set was even more countrified the usual thanks in no small part to the very special guests. The sound bleed from the Arkells, which Gillian called "Getting Skrillex'd" and the mostly teenage crowd who were indifferently waiting out the magic in front of them so they could screech at Dallas Green were the only downsides of a otherwise perfect show.
  15. That number must be inflated, if attendance for Teisto was even over 7,000 I'd be amazed, the crowd didn't even reach the soundboard. LMFAO maybe had 12,000 but even then once past the soundboard people were spread out everywhere so it might not have even been 12,000. No beer lines and access to the rail at every stage is awesome but it doesn't bode well for the fest.
  16. "Fuck Plants and Animals I'm going to LMFAO" - Booche
  17. Happy belated birthday! Did you get the throgurt cake I sent? Anyong!
  18. Ottawa show was great, some sound problems and John McCauley was definitely drunk as shit but it all worked out. Nice to see them going from playing to 20 people at Bluesfest that mostly didn't give a shit to a sold out Mavericks on a Tuesday where everyone there knew every single word.
  19. Lineup Announced Abrams Brothers Amy Helm Ann Downey Belle Starr Ben Harper Black Dogs Bombino Bon Iver Catriona Sturton Corb Lund Dan Mangan Eliza Gilkyson Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys Great Big Sea Great Lake Swimmers Guy Forsyth Haram Hooded Fang Jill Hennessy John Gorka John K. Samson John Smith Julia Dales Kathleen Edwards Kelly Sloan Kina Grannis LP Lucy Kaplansky Matt Mays Matthew Good Michael Jerome Browne Mirel Wagner Monte Montgomery Nudie and the Turks Old Man Luedecke Patrick Watson Raul Midon Red Horse: John Gorka, Eliza Gilkyson, Lucy Kaplansky Saul Williams The Low Anthem The Once Timber Timbre TJ Wheeler Todd Crowley and the Musical Petting Zoo Whitehorse Wintersleep Yukon Blonde
  20. Freeker


    Last call has been extended until 3am for the whole weekend
  21. That was me, I told Brad and Andrew it's just force of habit whenever they're in a room, they laughed.
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