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  1. An open letter to all of us http://www.nowtoronto.com/_assets/daily/Jack_Layton_letter.pdf RIP Jack
  2. Here's another article on this tragic death blow for the European indie scene http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/music/features/UK+riots+independent+music-16448.html
  3. Shit dude, you could probably use that thing to put out a few fires.
  4. PT don't even bother asking him. If he'd taken the time to read the article he'd know that the people hurt the most by this are all the independent labels and artists who bust their collective asses out there on the road and who spent whatever money they had to create actual albums, just to see it all go up in smoke for nothing. Here is the updated list of the indie labels affected by the fire: 1234 2020 Vision Accidental Ad Altiora Adventures Close to home Alberts All City Alt Delete Ambush Reality Angular Ark ATC Atic Atlantic Jaxx Azuli B Unique Backyard Bad Sneakers Bandstock Banquet Basick Beggars Big Chill Big Dada Big Life / Nul / Sindy Stroker Boombox Border Community Boysnoize Brille Bronzerat Brownswood Buzzin Fly Can You Feel It Catskills ChannelFly Chemikal Underground City Rockers Counter D Cypher Dance To The Radio Deceptive Def Jux Dirtee Stank Divine Comedy Domino Drag City Drive Thru Drowned in Sound Dummy Duophonic Eat Sleep / Sorepoint Electric Toaster Emfire F. Comm Fabric Faith And Hope Fantastic Plastic Fargo FatCat Feraltone Finders Keepers / Twisted Nerve Fingerlickin' Flock Free Range From The Basement Full Time Hobby Goldsoul Gronland Groove Attack Halftime Hassle Heron Hum&Haw Independiente Info UK Join Us Kartel Kensaltown Kitsune Kompakt Laughing Stock Leftroom Lex Lo Max Loose Love Box Lowlife Lucky Number Marquis Cha Cha Memphis Industry Merok Metroline Mute Naïve Nation Navigator New World Ninja Tune Nuclear Blast One Little Indian Output / People in the Sky / Process Pale Blue Palm Peacefrog PIAS Recordings PIP 555 Productions Play To Work Powerhouse (T2) Propaganda / Ho Hum Raw Canvas Red Grape Red Telephone Box Rekids Renaissance Respect Productions (PES digital) Reveal Records RMG Rock Action Roots Rough Trade Rough Trade Comps Rubyworks Ruffa Lane Search And Destroy Secret Sundaze Secretly Canadian / Jagjaguwar / Dead Oceans Sell Yourself Setanta Shatterproof Sideone Dummy Slam Dunk Smalltown Soma Something In Construction Sonic Cathedral Sonar Kollectiv Soul Jazz Southern Fried Stranded Soldier Subliminal Sunday Best TARGO Taste Ten Worlds Thrill Jockey Total Fitness Touch And Go Track And Field TriTone Trouble Try Harder Turk Turnstile Twenty 20 Underworld Union Square Urban Torque Vagrant Vice Victory Wagram Wall Of Sound Warp Wi45 Wonky Atlas Word And Sound Xtra Mile You Are Here Alun, Emma, Paul and Stewart.
  5. Blane What fest is this? I'd say almost every single artist on that list is worth checking out. Here's my short list in order of awesomeness: The Deadly Syndrome Kathryn Calder Best Coast White Denim Mogwai Midlake Laura Marling The Walkmen Wild Nothing Phosphorescent Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Timber Timbre Twin Shadow Wild Beasts Enjoy Okkervil, Megafaun, M. Ward and Kurt Vile! That's a solid line up right there.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/user/lollapalooza Delta Spirit are killing it right now!
  8. I'd never heard a note of this guy's music until last night and wow what a talent, what a voice. Such a shame only 10 people actually witnessed it but it did make for a nice intimate show. Good times.
  9. Damn, always thought Tackleberry would be the first to go. RIP Bubba
  10. Thanks Sean, did you also notice that mvyradio has an Ottawa Bluesfest channel with a bunch of shows from 2008?
  11. That promise might still happen, rumours of the headliners doing a gig in Ithaca are floating around.
  12. Truck America Cancelled Not sure if anyone else was going to this or not. Fuck this sucks
  13. I went looking for a streaming/cloud service and this one seems to be the only one that is free, unlimited and available to Canadians.
  14. Subsonic.org It's a free music streaming service and it's awesome! I installed it a few days ago so I could access my entire music collection at work.
  15. From Phish.net Twenty years ago today, in the cozy confines of Larrabee Farm in Auburn, Maine, Phish wrapped up their touring for the Summer of 1991. The entire run, barring Amy’s Farm, consisted of the well received Horn Tour. Commencing with the home-town show at Battery Park in Burlington, VT on July 11th and winding down the East Coast and culminating at the potent one set blowout at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA, the Horn Tour was 15 shows that became etched into the collective memory of the fan-base. However, as fun as the Horn Tour was, and as good as the shows were, the definitive show that paints the picture of where Phish was at that time, and portended signs of things to come, was Saturday, August 3rd at Amy’s Farm. Phish was slowly graduating from smoky clubs, college bars, and fraternity houses to slightly larger venues in 1991. While clubs like the Front in Burlington, the Campus Club in Providence, and Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill were still on the docket, so too were venues like the State Theatre in Ithaca (not the Haunt!), the Boulder Theater in Colorado (not JJ McCabes!) and the Capitol Theater in Port Chester (not Club Bene!) The excitement was palpable and though most shows were not sold-out, it was abundantly clear something special was happening. The momentum was building and there was a buzz about the band that was literally deafening. It was tough to talk about music on the nascent Internet, at other shows, around campuses and all along the East Coast without someone bringing up Phish. An exciting time it was to still be able to arrive at a club 30 minutes before show time, pay $10 and get your hand stamped, and know that you were seeing history in the making. At the final show of the Horn Tour, Trey made official what had been rumored since the Spring and all summer long: there would be an end of summer party at Amy’s Farm, and we were all invited. While Amy’s Farm (and even Townshend Family Park & Ian’s Farm) may have marked the humble beginnings of their future festival plans and the beginning of an era of meteoric rise in popularity, similarly to Woodstock, it also marked the end of an era as well. Spreading through word of mouth and a quick announcement from Trey, a couple thousand fans descended into Auburn and it was abundantly clear that the cat was out of the bag. Phish was on their way to hitting the big time & likely shows would begin to be drastically different in a very short time. Although the show wasn’t until Saturday, the first inkling that there’d be a decent turnout was Thursday night as early birds started arriving at the farm. While there was no sense of panic, it was evident that there was still lots of work to be done to get the grounds ready. Late into the night and into the early Friday AM hours, a flurry of activity happened with some of the fans pitching in elbow grease and volunteering for whatever needed to be done. Throughout the day on Friday, as work continued on the concert field, cars continued to slowly trickle in. As it turned to afternoon and early evening, the trickle became a steady flow & ultimately into an unbroken chain of vehicles entering for as far as the eye could see. The exuberance of entering a free show, with no security, no police, no vehicle checks, & a few thousand like minded fans was pure bliss. Actually, there was a small fee as some remember. Upon entering the farm, a coffee tin was collecting a nominal $5 fee per car to help offset the cost of purchasing grass seed to replant the fields we’d all be parking on. And as ZZYZX recalls, you even received the omnipresent, green on black, Phish logo sticker with your donation. While you’d see many familiar faces at shows, Phish was still mostly regional at this point. Clusters of fans from areas you'd see only in that locale. Yet here was this small farm in Maine, where fans were descending from every state and corner of the country. The arrivals kept pouring in as did the warm embraces and hugs. Friends from Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York etc. all communally bound together for one day of music, by one band...that most of the country had never heard of. Yet. Humorously, Fish kicked off the festivities trying to generate interest for a non-profit organization that was there. Trey jumped in and rescued Fish from talking in circles for the remainder of the weekend. Amy followed up with a warm welcome to the crowd saying that there were "good happy feelings, good habby vibes out there in the fields". Some more reminders from Mike, Amy & Trey about the flamable nature of the fields and even the stage, made up partially of hay bales....and the first few notes of "Wilson" drowned out the final, "Thanks for coming!" from Amy...the band eager to get playing and a day of music, fun and camraderie lay ahead. Three full sets and two interesting encores wrapped up a full day of fun on Saturday. Trey ended Set III after "Possum" by saying, “Thank you very much for coming, see you guys next night, have a good night, we are going to be out there partying with you so have a good time.†And after the legendarily memorable encores with Sofi and the Dude of Life, Trey telling Sam, “Your dog has been foundâ€, and the "Harry Hood" finale, the end of summer party was over as was an era.
  16. I found their Bluesfest show boring as hell but I'll blame it on the fact they were playing to a half empty half interested festival crowd. Can't wait to see them in a bar.
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