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  1. Reports of one broken leg and that's it. Thank god.
  2. That was the the worst thing I have ever witness with my own eyes. The storm overtook the festival in minutes we barley got out of the crowd before turning around and seeing the massive main stage buckle and fall backward, that image will be burned in my brain forever. My heart goes out to the dedicated stage crew, volunteers and everyone else that were probably doing everything they could to keep the show going when the stage came down. I pray to god no one died.
  4. Just when you thought Coheed and Cambria couldn't get any worse.
  5. No wonder! When the storm hit they had a huge raging crowd that was eating out of their hand. I bet they would have gladly kept playing in a hurricane to keep that vibe going.
  6. The Welker from Quebec City was pretty badass too!
  7. The Keys came on at about 10:35 I think and played about 45-50 min. The sound cut out at one point pretty bad but other than that it was great, even did an encore. I'm just glad I got this puppy home safe and sound
  8. You got lucky, last night was tranquil compared to the first two nights. In fact I don't think I'd even seen a lawn chair until last night. You take your life in your own hands now at the main stage in those bigger crowds if you have a lawn chair especially during the stage switch stampede. If anyone else thinks the new changes are total bullshit I invite you to contact Bfest and make your voice heard. If we can help fix the logistical problems maybe it won't be such a clusterfuck next year. Mike Rouleau Director of Operations mrouleau@ottawabluesfest.ca
  9. David Clayton-Thomas was fantastic!
  10. Hate to say it but that really was a fucking throw down, some of the most fun I've had at Bluesfest.
  11. It was so good to see you after all these years dude and it was absolute pleasure to get to meet Mellie and spend some quality time getting down and getting drunk with you fine folks. I say we do it again soon! What a fantastic weekend, everything worked out perfect, met a shitload of new friends and got a chance to reconnect with some old ones. The weather, the venue, the music and the party were all 100% perfect. Big thanks to NW for being the best partner n crime in the world, you rock bro!
  12. Freeker

    White Denim

    Good call Dave-O, great band!
  13. Check these threads: http://phantasytour.com/bands/1/topics/2750013/posts http://phantasytour.com/groups/36/topics/2745443/posts?page=1 Or this site. http://cashortrade.org/ ^^ saved my life on NYE
  14. This is all you need and requires no sign up
  15. With all the rumours of Giant Country Horns, I might have to change my list!
  16. 1. Rocky Top 2. Sanity 3. Dog Stole Things 4. Paul & Silas 5. Skin it Back Third vote for Steam, good tune!
  17. I think I fell in love with Patty Griffin last night, she was fantastic! Great show all around, even the bike ride home in the typhoon was amazing.
  18. Anyone else tried reading some of the bio's listed on the Bluesfest page? Talk about terrible... Imaginary Cities Winnipeg is known as the “Heart of the Continent,†a place where there is always new music being made—in its clubs and basements, and in between work and life. Imaginary Cities was born in a club called The Cavern, in between sets. The group, founded in a chance meeting, is now ready to share the fruits of their debut album, Temporary Resident. They are a band that is fast becoming one of Canada's most talked about new bands.
  19. NEW ADDITION: Metric What a fucking waste of a time slot.
  20. It's going to be a great weekend!
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