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  1. Ned Stark defends porn star, gets stabbed.
  2. Such a good show, Joel was awesome as always and now that he's got Pete Elkas in the Emergency it seems like everything is perfect. The new song Lightning Bolt is fantastic! Luminato Festival Metro Square, Toronto June 11, 2011 From the Back of the Film Maybe We Should Just Go Home Written All Over Me Radio Fly Deny Deny Deny Happen Now In the Blue Moonlight You Let Me Down Lightning Bolt Rollin Rollin Rollin You Came Along Snowed In Cruisin for a Bruisin Face of the Earth Work Out Fine Through and Through and Through Nowhere With You Standing in the Shadows of Love (Four Tops cover) Come on Teacher Encore: On the Rail Extraordinary
  3. New Additions: Lupe Fiasco Classified Stephen Marley Protest the Hero
  4. Phish -> Joel Plaskett -> Titus Andronicus/Okkervil River -> They Might Be Giants Can't wait to get this vacation underway!
  5. IN! So looking forward to this trip. Onsite RV and a private phish fan only amusmement/water park is really the tits on the cake.
  6. And the new site is literally in your backyard don't forget.
  7. It's the last weekend in August (25th-28th) No schedule yet, should be out tomorrow with the official announcement Damn that's a sexy lineup!
  8. The best part is someone changed the KFC sign to read "Weiner Sandwich" lulz
  9. US Att. General Eric Holder wants another season of The Wire
  11. Looks like everything is going straight to hell at Yasgur's. Clusterfuck'd Good luck to all those going.
  12. Macho Man has sacrificed himself to save us all from the Rapture. Thanks Randy!
  13. Now you and the Macho Man Randy Savage have something else in common besides your shared love of skin tight pants and Slim Jims Happy Birthday/DeathofMachoManRandySavage Andre OH YEAH!!
  14. http://www.mediafire.com/?lddd4otb5fxapzq
  15. Drifters for sure. As for bartenders, I'm torn between Kuhn (sp) at Mav's and Saul at the Elmdale - both are top notch barkeeps!
  16. Bradley why haven't you uploaded last night's show? Seriously are you ok? You didn't wake up in a fedora again did you?
  17. Lol yeah it's awesome, though I can't take any credit. It was part of a constantly evolving thread on PT. If you look close and know your lore all of the most recent PT memes are represented.
  18. Freeker


    We're on the declining side of peak oil, only thing that can be done is to destroy demand and the only way to do that is to make it so expensive that no one can afford it. This is just the beginning
  19. 10 New and Lesser Known Songs by Mumford & Sons
  20. "How to Make it in America" was awesome but it must have been cancelled I can't find any new episodes. For all those Deadwood fans, give Justified a chance. Tim Olyphant is the main character and tons of Deadwood regulars keep making quest apperances. Can't believe I forgot TREME, great characters, great music! If you've never seen it "The West Wing" is the best TV series of all time (followed immediately by Lost, Deadwood and The Wire)
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