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  1. Pretty sure this IS a hoax, sorry Sunshine. Here's one of many references to this online: http://www.breakthechain.org/exclusives/headlightflash.html Peace, Mr. M.
  2. Wow Luke, so sorry about your friend. I lost a friend who left us way too early this summer as well, although not from suicide. But I empathize with you man. For what it's worth, I'd save that chorus, it's good and sounds a very fitting tribute to your friend. Peace, - J.
  3. Don't discourage him paisley, it's called growth! Use as many smilies as you want zero, your mother and I will always love you! - M.
  4. Congrats! Married life RULES, enjoy!!! Peace, Mr. M.
  5. That's what the smilies are for dude! :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Embrace the smilies, zero... embrace.... :D - M.
  6. Geez, that's dumb. It's not like anyone was ever gonna pick up a Manitoba album or go to a show and think "hey this isn't the dude from the The Dictators, I want my money back". And I thought you couldn't have a trademark on a single real word anyway (unlike a made up word like "Microsoft") so what's the deal there anyway? Maybe White Lion should sue The White Stripes for trademark infringement as well. Peace, Mr. M.
  7. Here here SugarMegs. Elder care is part of the issue too, and as someone who is looking at two generations above and one below if I ever have kids that I'm gonna have to help take care of in one way or another, I'm all for whatever help is out there! - M.
  8. Oh okay, I misunderstood the "all things to all people" line. I thought you meant the taste of the scene is trying to appeal to everyone and the scene itself doesn't try to be exclusive. My mistake, sorry. But if you're saying that people are cattle and suffer from groupthink, do you really think that is worse in this scene than others? I don't buy really that either. People in this scene may be like-minded and reinforce each others opinions, but usually not about things that are truly horrifically bad like most radio crap. You want uncritical groupthink, stand in front of the top 40 at HMV at the Eatons Centre sometime. Everyone who logs into this board is about 100 times more discriminating about music than most of the folks who you're likely to see there. - M.
  9. Here's the CBC article: http://www.cbc.ca/story/world/national/2004/10/07/iraq_cheney041007.html I think Cheney's (bullshit!) arguement is something like "well it's damn good thing we got in there now, BEFORE they got those WMDs. Now the world is a safer place." http://www.coxar.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ Whatever dude. - M.
  10. (That was pretty horrific, wasn't it? My apologies to MarcO, his family, friends and pets.)
  11. True MarcO, you are like a tube in the ass. Oh, sorry, I thought you said "But then I'm an enema."
  12. It has?!? Sorry was I asleep when that happened? This is scene is as elitist as any I can imagine. Don't know what the Dead played on 1976-06-19? Don't know why Phish '97 is obviously superior to Phish 2002? Well you're not really part of the scene then, are you? That, BTW, was not said as a cut-up to anyone here in particular but there is certainly an implicit assumption by many folks that everyone in the scene has certain background knowledge about certain music which does make it, in it's own way, very elitist. Not a criticism really, just an observation. - M.
  13. Don't worry MarcO, it's not likely to happen - Harper will probably hold back just enough votes to give the Liberals a scare but allow them to stay in power. The truth is, none of the parties can afford an election right now laterally, they have no cash after the last election. It'll take at least 6-9 months to get their coffers refilled. - M.
  14. Actually the USA Today poll from right after the first debate shows a dead heat: http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicselections/nation/polls/usatodaypolls.htm - M.
  15. guigsy - if the sitting government looses a "confidence" vote - essentially a vote on something really important like their budget or the main text of their Throne Speech - they can be put in a position where they are forced to call an election. It usually only ever happens in minority governments like we have now. That's why Joe Clark was only PM for like 6 months. Make sense? - M.
  16. Become? I thought we got there a while ago! Eau Claire Market's kinda nice to walk around. Had my first ever Grasshopper & Trad there long before Big Rock came to Ontario. Enjoy! - M.
  17. Nice new avatar ahess! You inspired me to grab one as well.
  18. Can we use Nabuchodonosor instead?
  19. Since you're obviously not David I'm gonna take that as a compliement.
  20. Oh I can't resist... As Yoda said to (ironically) Luke when he asked if this was true: "NO! Quicker, easier, more seductive it is." As true in this discussion as it was on Dagoba...
  21. Hey zero, thanks for your response. Yeh I see where you're coming from, but you're missing that provincialism actually has its place. Aspects of other music cultures, whether it's hip-hop or metal or whatever are not meant to be "got" by those outside the community. It's like advertising - if you're not in the target audience, you're not supposed to get it. Some of it is gonna be universal and some of it isn't. I know a guy who is part of the hardcore/emo/whatever you want to call it culture who once told me he thought the Constantines were posers 'cus they had been on the cover of Now. God forbid anyone outside his scene like a band that claimed to still be a part of it, I think that was his argument. This happens in all scenes, in all locations. I've hung out in the village in NYC, and in New Orleans and other American cities, and there is plenty that is "provincial" there too, don't kid yourself. You should hear some of the amazingly crappy crap that was on the indie radio shows when I was in Seattle last month. My point would be having provincial or pedestrian tastes doesn't necessarily preclude liking things that are truly excellent in a more universal sense. Hell, I love a lot of crappy music 'cus I grew up with it and I have certain associations with it. If I wanted to be surrounded by brilliance 100% of the time, I'd listen to the Beatles and Miles Davis and Bach exclusively, and toss out all my old Styx & Honeymoon Suite records. But I don't and neither do most people. I also prefer to drink really good beer over corp brew swill, but there have been more than enough times when I was listening to a bad bar play bad Rolling Stones covers while drinking Molson Dry, and I loving it! There's nothing wrong with that, and it's not at odds with the rest of my life, or at least it doesn't have to be. Enjoying something that is common doesn't necessarily make me a philistine, as long as I can appreciate things that are more sophisticated too. Most people are not as one-dimensional as you seem to want to make them out as being, at least from my experience. They are capable of holding what you might see as contradictory points of view in their heads at the same time. - M.
  22. Okay fine, certainly you're entitled to your opinion about bands and their fans, but you must understand that attacking people's current tastes just puts them on the defensive, right? If you want to open people up to new and better music, why not use the "hey, if you like this band, you'll love THAT band" approach. I dunno, perhaps that's too lovey-dovey for you but it does upset me to think that people are gonna ignore real insightful stuff you might have to offer based on the fact that you just cut up the band they were partying to on Friday. They immediately think "well fu©k him, what does he know" even if it's plenty. Hey, you do what you want man, I just think some of the arguments you get into here are tantamount to Homer arguing with the parrot at the mall: "It's not enough to want a cracker, you have to earn it!" What's the friggin' point? Gonna change the parrot's mind? Good luck with that. - M.
  23. Hmmmm... reminds me of that Bart Simpson line "making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish in a barrel". Well happy hunting, I'll keep an eye out for the interesting stuff between shots. - M.
  24. I thought it was interesting that Afghanistan, Iraq & North Korea are all at 51% Kerry, 48% Bush. - M.
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