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  1. Jeez zero... Dude, I have as much respect for your opinions as anyone on this board, but you're much more interesting and useful (and I suspect happier) when you're being critical and not vitriolic. You have plenty of creditability in my books but spewing random insults and cutting up good, hardworking guys like Diesel Dog for what appears to be no reason does nothing to add to it. Look man, if you're gonna throw out your critical diatribes and not expect to be challenged on them, what the hell is the damn point? I understand there is a level of conflict that goes beyond the useful level of discourse needed to create better mutual understanding, particularly when things get personal and nasty. Well blah blah blah. Don't tell me you don't expect that going in. If you're gonna stir up sh!t, please do not be so disingenuous as to say you don't expect some of it isn't gonna smell bad to you as well as others. As far as whatever personal conflicts or arguments you have in bars or whatever, as StoneMtn said, PM or email or call people directly. As Hux said, the suffering fools thread is interesting as a trainwreck, but the Golden Dogs or Indie vs. Jam threads that generally took a much higher road. And as far as the lurkers - who the hell cares?!? And how do you even know that any lurkers are "tittering behind my back endlessly" anyway? That's either paranoia or mind-reading. Anyway, I for one look forward to your future contributions as far as recommending music, true insights on the scene, etc. I also look forward to not always agreeing or understanding right away. Oh and for what it's worth I bought the Golden Dogs CD yesterday as a direct result of our conversation. It's quite good, I look forward to checking them out live. Thank you for that zero, and for many other contributions in the past and I hope the future. Peace, Mr. M.
  2. I always wished I was at this show: Blues Traveler/Spin Doctors (seamless sets) October 31st, 1990 The Marquee, New York, NY Yo Mama's a Pajama Jimmy Olsen's Blues Refrigerator Car Hey Dick Two Princes Lady Kerosene Hungry Hamed's Cleopatra's Cat At This Hour Shinbone Alley> Band Segue Jam> Gina Mulling It Over Black Cat Jam> Crystal Flame Gotta Get Mean> Brother John> Gloria> Gotta Get Mean> Band Segue Jam> Forty Or Fifty Yo Baby Freeway Of The Plains What Time Is It? Rosetta Stone Off My Line> Band Segue Jam> But Anyway Onslaught 100 Years Alone Sweet Talking Hippie Mountain Cry And So It Goes> Mother Funker Peace, Mr. M.
  3. Hey CH! I used these guys a few years back: http://www.labelconnect.com/ They were a bit pricey but the stickers were great quality - some of them have been defacing street signs and bike racks around town for almost 4 years and still haven't faded much! Peace, Mr. M.
  4. Actually I was doing a bit more research on this and just found out that Nick played with Roger at Wembley in 2002, which I hadn't known before: http://www.pinkfloydfan.net/t1665.html However Mason was always Waters' closest mate in the band going back to the old days. Rick Wright was kicked out by and/or quit because of Waters after The Wall (depends on who you ask), Gilmour and Waters' acrimony is the stuff of legend. Still, it's an intriguing possibility... - M.
  5. According to fan Web site www.rogerwatersonline.com, Q recently published a special edition magazine devoted to Pink Floyd that included interviews with Waters and Mason. The Web site speculated the magazine may have used at least one of the two musicians as a source. Oh yeh, I bet it was something like Nick saying "well it could be interesting to play with Roger again." My money - no way this happens, not that I wouldn't love it. There is about 100 times better chance of a Talking Heads or Police reunion. Hell, there might be a better chance of a Beatles reunion. - M.
  6. Ah okay, now we're getting somewhere, thank you! That's the zero we know and love. Are labels a necessary evil? Would you hate SCI so much if there was no such term as "jam bands" to describe them and connect them to a bunch of behaviour that you believe they and their fans typify? Or really, although you might still hate them specifically, would you bother to criticise them the way you do if you didn't think they represented the "bad side of jam band culture" or whatever you want to call it? Doesn't that in itself show you have some vested interest in the "good side" of that culture? The Slip are an interesting case, as I think are a band like nero. Both have become connected with jamband culture and probably have preconceptions hoisted upon them as a result. I brought a friend of mine to see nero a while back, and he said "hey, it's like if Dream Theatre smoked dope!" A lot of jambands folks wouldn't even get this reference, and probably wouldn't go to see a band based on that description. On the other hand, I know a lot of metal and prog heads who would, and they'd frankly probably totally dig what nero do. I dunno, I don't really have any answers here. Certainly labels are around and all of us here on a jambands board are perpetuating them to some extent. I'm not really sure how you break these down, or if it's even a good idea. - M.
  7. Oh and thanks for the Krishnamurti quote. I guess we're all "trying to find truth through the mirror of relationship(s)". Another reason I believe you, I and many others contribute here. - M.
  8. Actually I do think we all contribute to aggrandize our egos to some extent - if I didn't think what I said was worth YOU hearing, I wouldn't say it. That's a thesis that has serious legs, but I don't really want to go there at the moment. But mainly, I think contribute do it 'cus you have certain principles and goals about what you think other people should think about music and the music scene. You're a critical thinker, and the critical thinker wants to make his thoughts known. Hey, nothing wrong with that, if there weren't critics in the world arguably nothing would ever get better. I was just calling you on the labelling thing more out of curiosity than anything about how you see this particular group, whom you've made a point of singling out, fit into your previously outlined paradigm of indie bands, jam bands, etc. You didn't have a problem with labelling in those earlier discussions and frankly I thought there was some value in your points. I was just curious how you think those labels would/could be applied in this context. I was never trying to make a grand political point or anything, at least not here. No ulterior motives, just a serious question to someone who's opinion I take seriously. Usually. Peace man, - M.
  9. Okay zero, you lost me there. I think whatever the "deeper philosophical points" are in this conversation, and I'm not sure I much care in context of this particular conversation. If you want to start an actual thread on "clinging to a sense of nationalism as the source of war etc." I'd be happy to join you there. Here's my real question: Golden Dogs may indeed kick-ass, I've listened to some downloads and I'm certainly interested to hear more. But I'm curious where in your opinion they fit on the continuum that we discussed in the indie vs. jam thread (which as you say "is not an insignificant issue".) Or do you just want to say "wrong war, wrong time, wrong place" over and over 'til people start to believe it? Seems to be a popular technique these days. - M.
  10. A plug for my homes here at the mother corp: http://www.cbc.ca/listen/ They've just upgraded and tested our streams with pretty well any platform you can think of. Not necessarily just music of course, but it is indeed commercial free. Peace, Mr. M.
  11. ?!?! Awww man, that sucks! To the nero guys - all the best in all you do, whether it is new musical and other projects, or the return of nero in the future. In my estimation you are all talented as well as genuinely great human beings. Peace, Mr. M.
  12. Hey so here's a question for zero (or whoever else wants to take it on) apropos to a previous popular thread: What "label" would you give Golden Dogs? Are they an "indie" band as mentioned in the "indie vs. jam" thread? Or does it not matter? Peace, Mr. M.
  13. Woooo-hoooo, have a big happy one dude! - M.
  14. Hmmm... well it's certainly not definitive but here's my list: James Brown (does he count as rock?) Elvis The Beatles Bruce Springsteen Pink Floyd Peace, - Mr. M.
  15. Mr. Musicface

    Be Friend

    Wait, is zero actually promoting the "jammy masturbatory elements of our culture". Funny, I didn't remember waking up in a parallel universe this morning... Actually Velvet, I'm curious about something - if sorrow is indeed caused by attachment, isn't that actually an arguement against friendship and love, which are the ultimate forms of attachement? I'm sure I'm missing something 'cus I don't really know much about Buddhist philosophy, but that thought stuck me on reading your post. Peace, Mr. M.
  16. Yeh, we did a multitrack recording there in January which also sounded amazing. We're still hoping to release some of that later in the year as part of our upcoming CD (funding pending). The Erin Smith Band CD Downtown Smog Crown was also largely recorded at C'est What. - M.
  17. Not really sure... I actually haven't been back since they stopped having music, so I'm not sure what became of the old music room. It could actually be going back in there. If it's actually going to be in a different room, there are two different rooms I could see them doing this in. One would be the room behind the main dining area beyond the main bar. That room is pretty small, maybe half the size of the old room. On the other hand, if they use the new room (on the left as you come in the main entrance) that's at least as big if not bigger as the old room. - M.
  18. 67 Front at Chruch. The music bar entrance is actually on Church. It's probably the best small sized room in Toronto for sound and just overall feel. And GREAT beers to boot! http://cestwhat.com/ Peace, Mr. M.
  19. I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
  20. He's an a$$hole sir, Major a$$hole.
  21. FYI if you just have the IP number, you can do a "reverse lookup" at this site to try to find out who the address is registered to etc: http://psacake.com/web/eg.asp This is mostly only useful for static addresses as mentioned above, but if folks are coming from universities or some businesses and such, sometimes you can get useful info. Peace, Mr. M.
  22. Just updated the PDF file, apparently a few folks were having trouble with it. - M.
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