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  1. wow! My first visit to this page in years. So sad to hear this news. I only have great memories. Big hugs and love to everyone who has been close with him over the years. He was a true Mensch!
  2. p.p.


    Loved the show as well. Seems like so long ago that I watched it. Was funny.... Had just seen Stanton Moore at the Yale in Vancouver, went to visit friends in Uke who played me the second episode and there he was! I downloaded the series, watched it and listened to New Orleans funk for months! Try to turn people onto it and for some reason it's hit and miss. I was instantly hooked.
  3. It should work! http://ubroadcast.com/broadcast/channel/2020 Baked Potato 10:30 bc time, Glen Watkins 12:15 bc time/
  4. Tonight for the Glen Watkins and Baked Potato show that's happening in Vancouver,it may end up being streamed on the web. I just found out that this is normal for the venue and I will find out very soon when I get to the venue if it's going ot happen tonight. If so, I'll find a way to get on the net and post the link. Facebook show page - http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=151320341593527 party party!
  5. Does anyone know where to download this all at once? As opposed to one unlabled song at a time from the site?
  6. http://pressrepublican.com/0500_what_to_do/x511768811/Grateful-Dead-drummer-to-play-Higher-Ground
  7. here is BC's www.playnow.com
  8. Holy Crap! I wish I was there. I guess they're tributing Richie Hayward.
  9. Does anyone know taper420 password for the stream tonight?
  10. Someone here posted this download a little bit ago. I can't find the thread. I downloaded the original versions, put it on my ipod, and it's great! I thaught I downloaded the Jerry versions but I just checked my file and only have about 10 of the songs. The original link is down. Does anyone know where I can find the Jerry versions??? thanks!
  11. p.p.


    Love the show. Easy to get into especially with the music. I love how in the first few episodes, you get cameo's of Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Stanton Moore, etc.... Eventually, Ivan Nevelle's Dumpstafunk! That was cool, but not so bad to end up with a gig with Allen Tousant! (and BTW, that sucks about Richie Hayward).So is there only 10 episodes? It didn't feel like it ended. John Goodman rules!
  12. p.p.


    Wow! Looks like fun!!!
  13. Definetely baby stroller! My friends brought in about 14 beer and my bottle of scotch to the Gorge for Phish. Brought the toddler in as well. I've now got my delux stroller. Baby comes in a month. First show outdoor show as of now will be Furthur in Redmond, WA.
  14. Silly name, kind of a funny story..... Back in my Burt Neilson days, we were living in Canmore for a winter. Jer, Mike, Gavin and Lowell formed a band to play weekly at the Canmore Hotel, that played indi rock tunes and tunes from Lowell's album at the time. BNB was quite comfortable at the Ho back then, feeling right at home and able to get away with anything. The guys in the band used to get hammered on those evenings and be extremely obnoxious and swear a lot on stage. So one night some Calgary BNB fans decided to make the trek up to Canmore and check out this BNB side project (probably
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