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  1. never any doubt from this guy. well deserved, he's been great since day 1, but he was a machine this year. interesting stat from that article about the 34 go-ahead hits... i heard another stat about having the most homeruns that either tied, won, or separated from a 1-run lead... baseball stat geeks have a number for everything, christ... but basically, the point being he was such a catalyst for so many good things for the reds this year - and that doesnt even speak to his fielding or baserunning, just an all around complete ballplayer. love his game and i hope the redlegs can lock him up
  2. haha, ya... and bochy seems like a good dude.. i dunno, it'll be good whoever wins, but i've been using rangers players to win my baseball pools for the last few years, so its nice to see 'em win something for themselves finally, hahah.
  3. guigsy

    Any CFL fans?

    and another thing... fuck dave ridgeway. tony champion's backbreaker of a catch deserves a better place in history.
  4. the rangers CAN win with the long ball (ahem... nice shot, mr. moreland) - but the beauty of their team is that they're built around a speed/small ball type game - they're lucky to have some serious mashers in the middle of the line-up to balance it out, but generally, they're a 1st to 3rd, high avg., high obp team with speed - probably the most "national league" of any american league team. if my guess is anywhere near close on what might have been wrong with those starters, than im not sure what they're gonna have to do to fix it in games 6 and 7, except for Lee's part, he has to be Cliff Le
  5. guigsy

    Any CFL fans?

    OSKEEEEEEE WEE-WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! man, i miss the end zone seats at Ivor Wynne, it would just get fucking ridiculous! used to see a lot of games growing up in the Hammer and have a lot of good memories... was at Earl Winfield's TD Trio game (punt return, kick return, reception), i remember an insanely long "wave" that got up into the 40+ rounds - at one point bob bratina started calling them out ("35.... 36... 37... ") as they went around, and i think that, more than the game, is what kept it going - i dont even remember anything about the actual game, hahah. i was also there the last time h
  6. really hopin' the rangers can get back into this at home and make a series out of it. i think the bay area air had a lot to do with the rangers starters losing the feel for their breaking pitches and having to (predictably) rely on the fastball - which'll get ya killed, even by the giants, apparently. its a coastal time of year thing, i think - the same thing happens to the teams from the east that train out west in the spring - all spring you hear about how their breaking pitches wont really develop until they get back east and can get the feel back. seems strange, but in a game of fraction
  7. hope you're passing through in a DeLorean...
  8. butter believe it. that was killer.
  9. no doubt in my mind that he's been trimming up all year just for this moment... a liner down the LEFT field line... gomes trips on a shoelace and goes eye-first into a sprinkler. it wont matter that the ball lands 2 feet foul, of course it'll be a good hit. then we'll balk him in and lose 1-0. an orgy will break out in the mlb offices with Bud and all the network tv sluts. see you next year.
  10. fuckley. wasnt hit, was out at second, and missed 3rd on the run home. fucking christ, is anyone paying attention? dusty didnt argue the hit batsmen or appeal the play at 3rd. what, 5 unearned runs? walks, errors, hit batters, buckners, nubbers. unbelievable. we needed this split, but now we're deep in the shit. never woulda thought we'd lose 2 games by getting no-hit in one and committing 4 errors in the other. what next? :bonghit:
  11. they were using boobuzela's in tampa this aft? maybe i should be switching allegiances...
  12. the good news is he can throw a perfect game next time out, and we can still take this thing. i love halladay, too, so that was a tough game to watch... dying on one hand, but having those butterfly feelings of watching history go down in a good way for one of the good ones.. makes a great story, sucks it had to be us. he was pretty incredible, tonight, though.. ball moving everywhere, obviously outsmarting our hitters in just about every at-bat.. the one thing i wish someone in the broadcast woulda piped up about, though, was that most of his so-called "first pitch strikes" that were mak
  13. texas would be a good story, too, with the ron washington cocaine-positive test, and a possible volquez vs. hamilton match-up... it would also be nice to see one final bobby cox run, if it aint us... but damn.. Halladay-Hamels-Oswalt is about as daunting as it gets. i actually think the AL is a crapshoot at this point - they're all good teams capable of beating the snot out of each other on any given night.. i think the biggest surprise will be if anybody beats the phillies.
  14. i can guess how 2 of our young pitchers are feeling today....
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