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  1. If it weren’t for this forum I’d likely never have spent the hours and hours and hours (and hours) I have blaring the waves and ripples from the mind of Kevin Parker (et al). I haven’t seen much about the Toronto date or anything after the show. I’m looking forward to one of my only concerts of the summer being in Toronto. Here’s to all of it,
  2. Leave it to Shainhouse to do everything I wish I'd thought to do myself.
  3. Chripes, Phil has a nice set of teeth, eh?
  4. I totally missed that one. Great show. The balcony at the Phoenix was a great place to stick.
  5. ...'cause the Internet tells me they are playing Sneaky Dee's on Monday.
  6. https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/987521/tfly?utm_medium=api Is anyone else stoked for this?? Check out the record. http://www.npr.org/player/v2/mediaPlayer.html?action=1&t=1&islist=false&id=463990634&m=463990995
  7. My place is about a 10 minute stumble from the silver city at Yonge and Eglinton. I wish it were a ten minute hitch from Point Clark, Boiler Rat. My back deck is pretty nice. There's a silent auction for contents at a local bar from 2-8 today just round the corner: The Unicorn on Eglinton between Redpath and Mount Pleasant. If you're around early and need a new set of stools or beer glasses or commercial kitchen equipment then you're welcome! Have fun everybody.
  8. Too bad Peaky Blinders isn't on Netflix Canada.
  9. ikebe shakedown? the Wood Brothers? Jaga Jazzist? Good news for Toronto fans then too?
  10. There's only so much a cameraphone from 2010 can do...but FWIW the set at the OLG tent was pretty dope.
  11. SaggyBalls

    Epic Covers

    The fun starts around 1:10
  12. why oh why oh why oh why do special graphics always get laid out for the wall instead of being played...and then get photographed as they'd be played?
  13. Chris sure rode that Jazz Bass. Killer.
  14. There's no benefit to any kind of doubt here. I'm disgusted by the kind of actions that are 'alleged' and with evidence here and selfishly disappointed to have to see this prick have lost Q. He created and hosted the world's most popular radio show that kept an often mediocre CBC morning feeling fresh and alive at the best of times. So not only have his violent abuse irreparably affected many women (and inadvertently those around them), but he's fuÇked everyone out of what would have been an extensive hosting career. Gone. Deservedly.
  15. I may just have to head to the Hammer in September.
  16. Would they not wake up? That's suggesting they're unconscious to something. Perhaps they're fully aware of something that you're just forgetting. The real thing could quite be that the live entertainment is the party, not the one playing the track or the guitar.
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