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  1. IN FOR THE WIN! No, it's not a question. Man, that is satisfying.
  2. Redundant question, sorry gotta pass. Really, dude. Clothes don't make the man. Man is made using a precise collaboration between God (the Christian one, obviously) and a large bird we refer to as a "stork".
  3. In what way had you imagined it working out? Aloha' date=' Brad[/quote'] Oh yeah, this one's a winner. I was sitting in a red chair. Now things are heating up.
  4. I'm not sure who that is. Yeah, this one's not gonna fly. Sorry.
  5. Look, man, I'm not a gynecologist. This one's going in the "pass" pile.
  6. I believe that is controlled by the question mark key, which appears to be missing from his computer. See? I got one!
  7. Hey I'm trying my best. And my french is a bit rusty, so yeah, I'm gonna have to take a pass on this one. This might not be working out the way I imagined.
  8. I'm gonna defer this one to my optometrist. Sorry.
  9. Hmm. Interesting article. I'm of two minds on this one - on the one hand, it's clear the authorities made a scape-goat out of this man and it's a damn sham he lost his property. On the other hand, it's pretty far-fetched of him to say he had no idea of the extent of INDISCREET illegal activities taking place on his property, five or six times a year. In a sense, it would have been irresponsible for the authorities not to have gotten involved, especially considering: At some point, it might have been prudent for Tebeau to reconsider even hosting the festival at all. Clearly, these events were being monitored. And, while the authorities may be trying fruitlessly to decide the difference between a music festival with drugs and a drug festival with music, I'm gonna go out on a limb and figure that The Schwag (I hate myself for typing that) wouldn't be able to draw 6000 people because they're just that awesome. But what I really want to say is, hey dumb hippies - carry yourself with discretion and grace and maybe you can continue to have nice things!
  10. This time I have an answer, I'm on it: A cymbal.
  11. I'm just flummoxed! Stymied!! I'll get the next one.
  12. I didn't realize this would be so hard. I'm gonna say I'll probably have to get back to you on this one but in all reality I've already forgotten what the question was.
  13. I'm gonna have to take a pass on this one. Sorry brah.
  14. Try different questions. I'm on it!
  15. Shit. I wish I could help. I have no idea.
  16. I gotta be honest, I don't really know.
  17. I don't know the answer to that.
  18. Well, that was an eye-opening article. Thanks for sharing, Sara. "While one in 10,000 women on older birth control pills will develop blood clots, as many as three in 10,000 will develop blood clots on Yaz or Yasmin." !!
  19. I would think the Ottawa festival is heavily subsidized by sponsors, while the Harvest Picnic is not. Ergo, the price difference. Great line-up in Ottawa, though. I would love to see Vampire Weekend.... and one day I will!
  20. I'd go see Bruno Mars if it wasn't sold out. I will however probably use the Steely Dan on myself; it felt good when I had it in me a few years back.
  21. Great show, you really can't go wrong with DMB. There's too much amazing talent in that band to fall flat. In the end, for them, a show often does come down a setlist and this one was a pretty brave one that - apart from the opener and the final stretch - avoided their "hits" or big-league catalogue numbers ("Pig", the exception). As for the crowd, I found them to be enthusiastic and a pleasure to hang with on a wet, cold night. The lawn was a big wet t-shirt party and - given that DMB tends to attract the lovely ladies - I was very pleased with this!
  22. In honour of Dave Hill, I will indeed be playing my set topless. And out of breath.
  23. To clarify, with no dates in MI, OH, PA or Western NY, it's very possible Toronto may sell out. I just wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.
  24. well they've never sold it out before, even back when they were a MUCH bigger draw than today. I don't think a sellout is a guarantee.
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