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  1. Luke - 3 things: 1) Northern Heads is a good site. It has brought a smile to my face a number of times and also upset me a couple of times, whatever. 2) Your "review" of the Evolve festival on Jambase was rambling, self-indulgent and virtually unreadable. I wouldn't be bragging about that. I like some of your stuff but if you're going to publish it, it's open to criticism, and that is mine. 3) Who cares that Garth Hudson was at Woodstock with the Band? Last I checked, that was 150000+ revolting people crammed into a muddy field to listen to the distant sound of mescaline-addled rock stars. What he did 30+ years ago doesn't strenghten your arguments at all. You are right about one thing though: you can still love improvised, "jam" music without being completely impressed with some of the bands on the theatre and amphitheatre circuit right now. It doesn't mean one is unsupportive of the scene to say that, it just means you have to stay true to your ears. Just my $.03.
  2. No, of course it isn't. Has someone suggested that it is? I don't see that.
  3. If I wanted to, how do I go about using the "custom" feature? I didn't know how to put an image in there.
  4. OK... I'll ask them... where should they book themselves in the Ottawa area?
  5. OK - I ran into Todd and Dave of the Fatties last night at a pub in Dundas and here's the scoop, just as they told me: they are *not* breaking up, they are taking a break. There is *no* show in Toronto on the 20th, they are playing the Winchester Arms in Dundas instead, so whatever poster is up at the Comfort Zone is wrong. The final Tuesday at the Casbah will be on the 23rd. They are *not* playing Halloween. They will be on break by then. It turns out their new drummer is going to Berkeley for music. Their last drummer made a similar move. They have decided that rather than try and find a third drummer in six months (or whatever) they are going to take a break for a while and pursue other collaborations. Joel (their old drummer, you following this?) may be back next year so they'll lay low for a while. Look for small acoustic ("Acoustic Cats") gigs around the Dundas/Hamilton area for the next little bit. And that, my friends. is the "scoop" on the Fat Cats! peace.
  6. Hmmmmm.... I'll see them on Tuesday. I will try to get a firm answer to this. Again, my understanding was "break" not "break-up". The other thing I wanted to mention is that there's a good chance that with the Fat Cats on break and BNB on break you may see some collaboration between some of those members in the coming months. I know it's been discussed, we'll just see if it pans out... I'll keep you posted if I hear anything. peace.
  7. Hey hey - I'm confused. When I spoke with Todd, their guitarist, over the Thanksgiving weekend, he told me they were taking a break but didn't imply at all that they were done for good. He just said they were getting a little unmotivated and wanted to try other things. I've seen the Fatties since 1993 and I LOVE THEM AND DON'T WANT THEM TO DIE!!! (Drama Queen mode off...) I hadn't heard about the gig on the 20th at the Zone... I knew about Halloween there but apparently that's off. Any more details? And if you don't mind me asking, how do you know that's their final gig? Just wondering... peace.
  8. here's an excellent article on The New Deal that just came out today, I found it after my previous post. If you're interested check it out! The New Deal: Human Behaviour
  9. Hey, thanks for the review. I enjoyed reading it. I just noticed that you said Van was the only Canuck show on the tour - and I have made a post about this before so this'll be it - but there are also two Toronto dates on this tour: Oct 19-20 @ Palais Royale. With a new album out, I'd expext some more Canadian dates in the coming months. OK, thanks!
  10. I'm a fan of these guys and was pretty happy with how the album turned out. I really don't listen to much other "dance"-like music but I really enjoy the approach these three guys take. "Is it dance? Or is it rock n' roll? No, it's kind of jazzy. But wait, they're funkin' out! Oh, it's electronic music, I see... no no it's...." It's jammin! It's not for everyone but they are good players and they make you move. The album is a trip too, if you pop it in for the 1st time, it would be useful to be "in the zone", if you know what I mean. It'll reward you. I can send anybody a coupon for $2 off this album at any HMV store through e-mail. You just print it off and it's useable. Only good until Sunday the 30th though so e-mail me quick if you're interested. fresco_lopez@hotmail.com They're playing the Palais Royale in Toronto on October 19 & 20. It would be nice to see them book some other Canadian dates though.... I don't think they've ever been East of Montreal. Bye!
  11. "I love the shrimpy smell of your moo-moo", he said with a beery belch. "I must have it cleaned." she laughed. "The cats have been following me all around the park." "I thought you didn't go to the park anymore," said Boochie suspiciously. "I haven't seen you around." Her face turned as pink as shrimp and her heart as cold as the ice cream she had been inserting in her face just moments before. "You fucker!" she screamed.
  12. It would be really cool if you find your local blood donation center and make a donation if you can and encourage people you know to do so too. It's been a hell of a day. I hope the link works. If not, I'll re-post. peace. Canadian Blood Services [in case you're confused, I put your 2 messages together - bouche]
  13. The Church is the best place I can think of and - by the way - the BNB show there on Friday was the best show I've ever seen them play. They were tight, professional and focused and simultaneously loose, experimental and challenging. And a Cat Scratch fever encore makes you feel good!
  14. It may have been me who spread this .moe rumour. The moderator of the New Deal newsgroup mentioned that scenario and I passed it along to some sources. But it's true, .moe is playing at .moedown on the 31st so there's no way they could open for the New Deal at the Wetlands that night. Sorry if it has caused any confusion.... see some of you at Ted's on Thursday?
  15. I'm a lunatic, so I need to know this stuff. Thanks in advance.
  16. Harpua - yeah, in regards to The New Deal tour dates you mentioned, they're cancelled. That was for the Mekka Festival, which just cancelled the whole shebang a few days ago. So be on the look out for the New Deal to schedule some stealth dates, I'll post 'em here if any are in on the Northern side of the border. There's a big push on to get 'em back in the Wetlands before it shuts down....
  17. The New Deal. In 2001 so far, they've carried out succesful Southern and Western US tours, moved into the 1000+ venues in NYC, Philly and soon, Boston. The Toronto Sound and Light nights were spectacular examples of inspiration combined with professionalism. They toured the Candian Jazz Fest circuit, with 2 succesful nights in Quebec City. They appeared at the Area:One festival alonside elctronic-music heavyweights. Their first major-label release is out in September, to be followed by mass touring throughout Canada, the US and - if plans work out - Europe. Plus, they just plain ROCK! (And they're nice guys, taboot!)
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