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  1. ok, thanks. I updated flash, changed security options and tested the youtube beta (which was only marginally better). I don't seem to have as many issues with other videos, mostly youtube, either embedded on other sites or the site itself. I guess next step is to try another browser - any preferences?? And do i need to remove IE in order to correctly install another browser? like i said, i am clueless. thanks again.
  2. just wondering if anyone has any bright ideas here. I'll make this as swift as I can: - I recently wiped off my old WIndows and put on a new, official Windows XP Home Edition 2002 - now I am having huge issues watching videos, particularly on youtube (I am using IE8) it's been suggested there's issues concerning drivers but how do I check that and how can I remedy this? thanks in advance. i miss youtube.....
  3. ahhhh... i remember one rainy cold morning, in my room and watching that record label spin round and round, just tripping out my sober 13 year old mind while I discovered the wonders of "Moving Pictures". I just sat there and stared at the LP spinning, just listening in awe. Great band, excellent album.
  4. Happy Birthday to my best friend and intergalactic warrior spirit babe partner girl! Cheers to Laurie Wassink! Come out and party with us tonight!!! :drinks:
  5. Audacity crashes when I try to install it. Thanks anyway Brad but I think I might need something else. Maybe it's not compatible with my pc.
  6. doing some recording on Deeps's Boss home studio multi-tracker. next step is getting them on to my PC and uploaded. I'm pretty clueless at this, and a google search gave me too many options to know which to choose. so any advice would be great! thanks.
  7. my fridge is full of meat and this site is awesome and i like beer and fuck.
  8. i like them a lot (although the budget suggests I'll be skipping them this year). add on their full month long European tour coming up and this is a band that tours the way bands should! another lap for the highest grossing band of the last decade!
  9. MarcO

    let us pray.

    oh dear maker let us be one don't let booche have all the fun. be in me. i will be in you. cast your seeds and let them grow arbitrarily quote John Perry Barlow am i anything less than a hangnail? ding! i can smell all sorts of things from here and i can smell you. oh dear maker let us be one don't let booche have all the fun.
  10. I'm about to open a mega can of MarcO Whoop Ass on y'all in a bit. You've been told.
  11. that pic of Lynne and child just made my year. thank you so much for sharing! i love this family. congratulations!!!
  12. MarcO


    i think i'm ok now thanks
  13. MarcO


    was wondering if anyone could re-upload the 10/31 and 11/01 shows please? Jakis' megaupload download worked for me for the 1st night but I get a "CRC Error" with the other nights.
  14. and I thought you were a virgin. holy moley! congratulations!!
  15. MarcO


    that was awesome. bravo Phish! I don't factor them into my life as much as I once did - and that's alright - but that was DAMN cool. right on!
  16. MarcO


    my stream keeps hiccuping out. damnit. i love this fuckin album.
  17. MarcO


    so what was the 1st set?
  18. MarcO


    do the hip shake babe!
  19. I never knew Burton Cummings also sang for Toto!
  20. MarcO

    Canadian Feaver

    first time I saw Doug...... around Summer/Fall 1990, at a little below-ground coffehouse on Poulette in Hamilton, called The Warehouse. I was about 16. He had a band then and they played. I honestly thought "oh my god, Neil Young is here!!!" until I verbalised this and was taken to task. Incidentally, The Warehouse was the first place I ever performed in public and where I had the opportunity to briefly meet the late Leslie Mahaffy. Doug's been a central figure to the Hamilton music scene for ages. Great singer, player, songwriter. Damn, I remember him opening for High Times at the Tivoli Theatre way back when. What a scene! As far as the video goes, interesting for me because I can immediately recognize where the live footage was filmed: The Winking Judge. It hasn't changed much. And I recognize people in the audience, not as friends but as people you just remember being around the same scenes I was. rock on Dougie. put a damn album out already.
  21. caught about 1/2 of Wilcox and then the full Kim Mitchell set. good stuff. I enjoyed the balls Kim had in including some non-hit album tracks in the set. Of course he encored with the one tune I wanted to hear, "Lager and Ale"! And yeah, "Battlescar" was an unexpected treat. got totally soaked but it was still fun, although having a sea of umbrellas in front made it hard to see, and then the video screen died. speaking of which, when it was working, combined with the full on light show - seems FOF organizers stepped it all up a notch this year. right on. the crowd was a lot less jacked up - funny enough - than last year's Steve Earle show, which made me a bit embarrassed to a Hamiltonian. maybe the rain sorted things out. peace.
  22. bumpage. 1 lawn ticket still available, not looking for face value - make me an offer and we're good.
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