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  1. Probably barking up the same tree as all the other skanks, but if anyone has extras to Syracuse, looking for THREE. A case of Magic Hat to the very awesome person who has extras! Thanks! -greasy segaldini@gmail.com
  2. Looking for info about Pop this year? Here's an article I wrote to get you started. Pop Mtl
  3. I came in with some mixed opinions, but the last two days just blew my mind. The band is back in a big way, and Mike Gordon absolutely killed! That Sneakin Sally was a definite highlight among highlights.
  4. truly my favourite venue in the world. see you there - except not in the maelstrom of 25,000 campers. i'll be 30 mins away at a campsite where i can dip my feet in the water and not have to listen to 19 yr old tweakers playing disco biscuits all night...
  5. I'm a freelance writer, and rates do depend on what type of work it is. Per word rate applies mostly to general interest, trade magazines and newspapers. $1 a word is pretty solid. Definitely go high rather than seeming like a good guy who works for cheap. Sometimes for advertising and corporate, a flat fee is negotiated, and you should be charging approx. $30/hr, depending on how much work it is (if there's a lot of research for example, a flat fee may be a better idea). Some high-end corporate technical writers charge double that. If you have any questions reach my off list at adam@adamelliottsegal.com
  6. I just recently used priceline (or my friend did to be exact) and we stayed at the Sheraton for $60US a night, plus service charges and exchange. It came to around 90 a night. Not really much around St Denis/Duluth (where I live in fact). You could also try the Sala Rossa music venue - I seem to recall they also have a few rooms in their hotel. http://www.casadelpopolo.com/contents/hotel
  7. Have two tickets for Friday night in Toronto (Apr 17). Looking to trade for Saturday. Email me at segaldini@gmail.com Thanks!
  8. Have a friend looking for Gorge tix. has Star lake to trade. will put you in touch. PM me if interested.
  9. I have a friend looking for Gorge tickets - has Star Lake to trade. PM me if interested and I'll put you in touch.
  10. I haven't received an email cancelling my order yet, but my CC hasn't been charged. Fun while it lasted! This bozo mistake probably caused a LOT of work for people at TB.
  11. is it reserved everywhere at Red Rocks? They gave me Row 51. Never been there.
  12. How was that even possible???! Just booked my tickets. Is it typical that TM will realize the mistake and cancel the order?
  13. Mine! This came out in 2005. I wrote the script.
  14. Couldn't disagree more. Plants and Animals put out a great album, but Kathleen's album is hands down Cdn album of the year, and by far more polished than her last two records.
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