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  1. this is so not how i anticipated this thread going
  2. oh my GAWD - graham isn't even here, it's been like 7 years, and poor bouchie is still getting pounded by graham's hyperbole... My heart is breakin for you here buddy - so I am going to set the record straight as someone with no agenda or even any care other than to finally lay this to rest for bouche's sake. AS THE ONLY PERSON WHO WAS IN THE ROOM OTHER THAN BOUCHE when the skank was created - I can assure you that what mike has said is infact the truth. I don't know if I've ever heard the story told fully but this is what happened - period. Graham wanted to get in on phishsanctuary and assume
  3. Try Fabgear on Wellington Street if you are in Ottawa http://www.fabgear.ca/main.html
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