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  1. A 2 night run at the Gorge would be great! They haven't done it since 2009 and if I am remembering it right the place was either sold out or close to it
  2. Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, OH Sun, Jun 5 2011 Someone jumped the gun on this one
  3. The lineup only looks ok but I think my roommate is making me go.
  4. Well its not really a radio station but I am really into 8tracks for work. Rolling Stone mag has been going a great serious lately Link
  5. Not sure if this has been posted yet "Me Me Me" - Middle Brother
  6. Does anyone know anything more about this? Or is this just someone jumping the gun? Facebook link
  7. Yeah I have no idea where the pic is from. I just saw it today on someones twitter feed and thought it was pretty funny
  8. I can't wait for this one LoL
  9. Hey I just noticed that these guys are playing in Calgary tonight and I was thinking about checking them out. Has anyone seen them? Trying to decide between this and Chris Hillman. Link mysapce
  10. Thanks for the link guys! Saturday was the better night imho
  11. james[dot]mott[dot]1[at]gmail.com
  12. Hey looks like I am making a last minute trip to the show. Looking for 2 extras if anyone still has any. Also, where are people staying? Doesn't look like there are a lot of hotels in Lewiston
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