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  1. Brad may have been the nicest man I've ever met. Full stop. Caring and supportive seem like trite ways of describing what he meant to musicians... Here's the best I can do.... When Brad listened to my band, he made me feel like I always imagined being a musician was. I don't know how he did it. He just made it real somehow. We're all better for having known him.
  2. Another gentle bump..... To be clear, I'm not looking for a miracle, I'm downright happy to pay! lol
  3. Sweet. I get paid to go to one of those. But seriously, he's the Irish muppet version of Michael Jackson mixed with Brian Adams....it should be unlistenable. ...but it sticks in my head like I'm Gollum and he's jewellery.
  4. Any chance that there's a support group out here for people who love good music but find themselves increasingly interested in the music of this red-headed devil child? um, Asking for a friend....
  5. From now on, I will only "boop" posts...bumping is for chumps.
  6. a slightly pathetic but naively hopeful bump?
  7. Hey guys. It's been nearly a dog's age since I've posted around these parts... (I've had a crazy few years dammit) I missed the request period for the Trey Band show in Toronto this May and would love to buy a few extras from any who have. Let me know if y'all can help. On an unrelated/related note...I'm way happy that this board is still keeping the vibe goin. I'll be around more often. Jeff
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