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    CannedBeats reacted to Velvet in Ottawa NYE plans?   
    Hmmm.  That is currently 2nd on my list of NYE options.
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    CannedBeats reacted to edger in Whose Cat is Dead & Toadhouse at The Casbah   
    What a fun night of music. Toadhouse sounded fantastic. I think they have been secretly playing together all along.  Gotta say Codi (drums) and Dan (bass) are in a million bands together and boy does it show.  The growth has been amazing to watch. WCID was a lot of fun. Thackway has naturally fallen into that group of players and he seemed particularly inspired last night.  I thought it was some of the best flow I've seen come out of him. 
    Nice to meet you for the first time Canned Beats. 
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    CannedBeats reacted to edger in That time Marco Benevento played at Elmdale Tavern   
    I fully support any heady soup endeavour.
    When Marco played in Hamilton him and Dave Dreiwitz ended up back at our buddy's place and proceeded to take over the sound system. Marco kept flipping the lights on and off again so that we had a strobe effect. Flick flick a flicka flicka. Seemed like genuine down to earth good time guys. Hilarious. Our friend had just moved into his place too. Neighbours just loved it
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    CannedBeats reacted to Velvet in An evening to honour the life of Bradm   
    Aloha - Remembering Bradm
    An evening to commemorate the life of our good friend Brad McFarlane featuring some of his favourite Ottawa musicians:
    Burnt Reynolds
    Pauly and Stuart from The Dusty Drifters
    Death Cake
    Super Awesome Club
    Wednesday, December 13th, 2017
    Irene’s Pub
    no cover/8pm
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