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  1. GA for me. Looking forward to my first Phish festival!
  2. I have the same question about camping but it sounds like there is no clear answer. How long of a walk was it for you phorbsie when you were in the regular camping area? I assume that other than location both camping areas are similar, or are there other considerations as well?
  3. Looks like a really fun coming out of the woodwork night!
  4. I can't make it to Toronto for this, but I'm sure this will be a pretty good show ... 'cause these guys are pretty good. In fact, It will likely be better than that. Have a good one!
  5. Hey Sara, not sure what's up re: the pic. I just emailed it to you. And don't worry, the pic is simply a nice pic of the two of us, not one of us acting like raging dance fools at a summer festival!
  6. There are a few pics of us floating around, but I think this one taken by Liana a few years ago is my favourite. Happy birthday my friend. I look forward to getting down in the dance fields with you at some point this summer.
  7. Glad I managed to make it out last night for part of this. It sounded solid and it was nice to hear Codi well-integrated into what you guys do. Cheers.
  8. Thanks Sara! I look forward to connecting with you in person at some point before too long. And hopefully at a summer festival or two. In the meantime, I'll try to continue to visit this world as a way of staying connected re: music happenings. Is it your birthday today? If yes, I'm wishing you a happy birthday! If not, I'm wishing you a happy day!!
  9. Although I haven't posted much here lately, I'm still doing what I can to fit "music time" into my life. A chunk of that time is spent playing with Neutones (Chris Mulligan, Ricky Neu, Dave Voigt & Mark Tonin). Since this incarnation of musicians first got together around 3 years ago, we've had lots of laughs, plenty of jams, the occasional gig, and we have worked up 15 or so original songs. We're going to play many of those songs this Friday night in Kitchener at Bobby O'Brien's. We'll start at 9 pm, play two sets, and end around midnight. No cover to get in. We don’t have an official release or any studio recordings as of yet, but here are links to a couple of songs on YouTube that we recorded live-off-the-floor a few years ago, to give you a sense of what we sound like:
  10. Nice to see and hear that you guys are still truckin' along and laying down lots of cool high energy music. Sorry I haven't made it to the Boathouse for one of these shows ... a range of reasons and excuses that include work, personal music projects, and "old man winter hibernation syndrome." I hope to drop in tomorrow night but no guarantees.
  11. I've only seen this band twice but both times I had my ass kicked. Love what they do.
  12. Hey edger, that sounds like a fun run! Not in the cards for this guy but I'll be there in spirit.
  13. It looks like lots of Canadian friends are heading to the Artpark show in Lewiston ...
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