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  1. Repair takes a lot of time but ultimately it's worth it (in most cases). I remember when my bathroom was under reconstruction and it was hell. But when I got a new room I immediately forgot about all the stress I had. But it's always hard, it's true. I'm renovating my house's exterior. At the current stage, I'm covering walls with siding https://idealsiding.com/ca/locations/siding-vancouver/. Not that difficult, though, but it's only beginning.
  2. A Winter's Tale by Queen What a song, guys
  3. Well, it looked good and now even nicer. Great job! I decided to renovate my house too. No photos yet because the work's started just recently. But I started with walls outside and a roof. I decided to use siding http://sidinginvancouver.com/siding-cost.html. I think it'll look awesome.
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    Has anyone tried McGregor's whiskey? Is it worth it?
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