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  1. Incredible Tiger putt to send the Open into an 18-hole playoff. I'm cheering for Rocco, but man, this tournament has made for dramatic televsion.
  2. Hope to see all of you at the pub tomorrow, even Basher.
  3. Jaimoe

    Euro 2008

    I saw a lot of glum faces on The Danforth today (and last night). However, what great atmosphere on the street. Almost every restaurant (and there's upwards of 90 in a 15-minute walk) has the Euro matches blaring on TV - you can walk by any patio and watch or hear the in-progress matches. Great stuff.
  4. If this was the States, then you'd be screwed, ticket-wise. However, few know who the hell these cats are in God's Country.
  5. I don't know Brian. I think you'll be ok. Even when shows sell-out at The Kool Haus, the bastards still seem to sell tickets at the door; see Ween and The Raconteurs.
  6. I'm going with some work friends - I work until 7pm, but I'll try to get off work at 6. Tentative plans are to meet-up at the Jason George Pub at 6:15-6:30; the pub is located at Jarvis and Front (north-east corner on Front). I hope to see you there, Brian, Josh etc...
  7. Jaimoe

    RIP Tim Russert

    Man, this is sad news. He was one of the good ones. R.I.P..
  8. Queen and Bathurst isn't safe at certain times of the day. It's an area not without its charms and character though. I wouldn't pass up moving there if the right offer came around, but the intersection of Queen and Bathurst itself is not good to say the least. There's a push by local officials (Adam Vaughan) to renovate the Big Bop and bring it back to its Victorian glory. I hope that comes to fruition.
  9. Jaimoe

    Euro 2008

    I love that Ribery. He was the best French player in the World Cup. The dive factor is not a factor in this match. Pretty entertaining so far.
  10. I went for my nightly walk (on my night-shift lunch break) right past that area the night before last. I was shocked to hear about this on the news this morning, although the area certainly has a rather large unsavoury element.
  11. I hope this series is going to be great. It certainly looks like it has the right production team, most notably the genius Greg Daniels, and talented writers... and producer/writer Paul Lieberstein (Toby) is going to be on the show too. http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117987409.html?categoryid=14&cs=1
  12. Jaimoe

    NBA Finals

    I'm watching, even though it's been a series void of drama... unless you call Pierce's miraculous recovery from certain on-court death drama.
  13. How long were the others in New Riders? This had to be a special lineup at that time.
  14. The Jacket have a great following in NYC, so hopefully they know what they are doing. Also, many bands get paid upfront. Jim James said recently that they switched to "An Evening With" format because they don't like leaving songs that many like out. Let's hope there's room now for songs from The Tennessee Fire and At Dawn.
  15. I know Radio City is small by comparison, but they sold that place out in 20 minutes for this upcoming tour. If they can garner a few hits off of this heavily hyped Evil Urges, ya never know.
  16. The heart, soul and brains behind Voivod, Denis D'Amour, died of colon cancer in 2005. At least he lived long enough to record his songs and give strict orders to the band on how their last album, Katorz, should sound. Is Jason Newsted touring with them?
  17. And a closer that can't close? Yes again.
  18. Jaimoe

    Euro 2008

    Well, the diving and faking was really bad in the first half of the Czech-Portugal game.
  19. Stairs is doing well. Change that avatar.
  20. Man, what a frustrating team, but there's nothing wrong with the starters. McGowan gets a complete game 5-hitter and 125 pitches, but throwing fire all the way. There's no way I wanted to see those hacks come in from the bullpen with the way Dustin was throwing tonight.
  21. You tell me, you're a basketball geek.
  22. Don't like that. Korver is a role player. If you package those two Raps, you gotta get at least another player, possibly a low 1st round pick in this year's draft thrown in.
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