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  1. Jaimoe

    Epic Covers

    Awesome cover (maybe better than Paul's original). Ronnie Lane is a treasure:
  2. Jaimoe

    Epic Covers

    Kind of a cover, with Ronnie Lane doing his solo version of his old band The Faces's "Ooh La La" (the song is used in the Amazon Echo spot heard in seemingly every commercial break on TV right now):
  3. Jaimoe

    Long live Keith!

    This is killer. Keef rules!
  4. From Sonic Youth's "jammy" Jim O'Rourke period. Love this from Sonic Nurse:
  5. I met a Deadhead mom a few days ago (she was wearing Steal Your Face socks), and our conversation drifted to other bands, and she said she's never heard of MMJ (although does know Monsters of Folk). I told her to check out this performance and we'll talk. It's still one of the greatest one-offs I've ever seen, right up there with Neil Young doing "Rockin' In The Free World" on SNL.
  6. Great Mod-revival rendition by the best Mod-revival band:
  7. Most love to hear "Happy Birthday" on their birthday, or even "Birthday" by The Beatles, or even "Birthday" by those crazy Icelanders, The Sugarcubes. But I always want to hear this:
  8. Happy Birthday Mike! I was lured back to Jambands by your bro, and I'm happy to be back (even though I'm not a jam guy anymore). Keep up the good work and I hope we cross paths again soon?!
  9. Jaimoe

    Epic Covers

    Live from 1972. Mick Taylor is on fire on slide:
  10. Never seen this footage, and in colour too! Fascinating.
  11. I've been on a steady Detroit rock kick for a good year (its never really gone away; just hibernates from time to time). This hits as hard as the epic three-round Hagler-Hearns fight.
  12. Jaimoe

    Epic Covers

    You should go to see Beck; I got lawns for $18 all-in through StubHub. He's never been a nostalgia act, although I will enjoy the two nostalgia acts opening for him on August 1st: Ann Wilson followed by Paul Rogers (he's doing a Free 50th anniversary tour, but no doubt will do Bad Company and The Firm tunes).
  13. Jaimoe

    Epic Covers

    Love Massive Attack, but Jose's version is my fave. The guy is a major folk talent.
  14. Jaimoe

    Epic Covers

    Yeah, I figured you know the deets regarding "Going Down" et. al. The Jeff Beck Group cites the Alabama State Trouper arrangement (and King sounds like he does that version for that matter too) over the Moloch original. I started thinking of this song recently because I'm going to the big Jeff Beck gig in Toronto on August 1st, and I've checked the tour set lists and "Going Down" gets played at almost every concert.
  15. Jaimoe

    Epic Covers

    This is THE original version, but few have ever heard, or know of it, so I thought it warrants being submitted. No wonder everyone from Freddie King, Jeff Beck, SRV, Deep Purple, John Lee Hooker, etc., have covered this kick ass tune:
  16. Dream pop pioneers, with a penchant for the jams:
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