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    Epic Covers

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/I9Xz6tqJZpU" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Jaimoe

    Epic Covers

    A band I don't love doing a song I do love the right way. John rules, always!
  3. I was live texting with Andre/Booche during the first set (I was at the gig and he had to go to bed). Anyway, great show. The harmonies were fine and the band was in good form; set list was pretty perfect. Audio was spotty during first set (deafening Trey, or organ, or Bobby's guitar). I really admire Trey for playing and assuming Jerry's guitar role. He tackled the leads with respect and a great deal of enthusiasm and fuck all those that didn't support his inclusion in all this. He was the ONLY choice, and I don't even like Phish much any more.
  4. Interesting, and troubling at the same time. I'll be there on Sunday, with my ears and eyes open, although I don't think I'll have time to write a review. I'm excited though.
  5. He listens to lots of music. Nice guy.
  6. I'll be going to the Cubs game before Sunday's show, and the Jays-Sox on the Monday. I'll try to check out some blues at Kingston Mines or another spot.
  7. Anyone here going to the Sunday show? I got gifted a ticket for Father's Day. Can't wait!
  8. He doesn't waste a note in the above clip from bouche. I hate it when people say he can't play fast, as if that matters for fuck sake, And the Stockholm footage proves that B.B. could indeed play fast, with style, skill, flair, and feeling. Damn it he was awesome!
  9. I have Disagree with Stereophonics, but BOH is pretty much true, for now. There's tons of bands that couldn't follow up a big debut or breakthrough album with something equally important. Most can't. I find the best artists are slow to hit their prime. Certainly Wilco falls into this category. The Dead, Who, Allmans, Stones, White Stripes, etc. do too.
  10. Kings Of Leon come to mind, although it took them an album, or two, for the hate to really pile on.
  11. I was hoping for another Dead Weather album and tour. I know they recorded new material a while back. Jack's acoustic mini-tour will no doubt be full of folk and blues. Great stuff!
  12. I guess the artist didn't use a composite of the reboot/fake Skynyrd lineup. Radiohead's looks a lot like a young John Paul Jones. Sir Paul would applaud that The Beatles mashup looks most like him
  13. Jaimoe


    I've had gallons of Red Racer and Barking Squirrel. You always need some tried and true to go along with a gamble beer.
  14. Jaimoe


    So I picked up a birthday beer today, but I don't know if it's good: Beau's Bog Water. (I like other Beau's beers.) Any thoughts beer geeks? I also have a couple of Red Racers to round things out and my close friend at work today surprised me with a Barking Squirrel.
  15. No Ritchie Blackmore or obviously Jon Lord. Still, better than the tribute band that calls itself Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  16. Jaimoe

    Netflix Picks

    Just watch Newsroom. It's a far shorter slog.
  17. That's just as well. I'm hoping it'll find some of the old mojo from the first five seasons. After it left B.C., it went downhill.
  18. Andre, is that "End of the Line" the Allmans song from Shades of Two Worlds, or the Wilburys' tune?
  19. This will kick ass: June 23: An evening with Branford Marsalis (at 7 and 9 p.m.)
  20. It is very good news. Tool are hardly prolific, but thankfully Adam Jones is inspired to write more material again.
  21. Jaimoe

    Netflix Picks

    Both new seasons of Vikings and Bates Motel are off to great starts.
  22. Thanks Todd! I had tentative plans to go to a Cubs and White Sox game (the Jays are in town on the Monday). I also was going to take my wee son to the Kingston Mines blues club. I will try again on the 28th.
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